Monday, 6 April 2015


Before flying to Korea tonight, I'd like to share with you guys what my family has been through in March. I hope that those who are going through a hard time will not lose hope, stay strong and believe in miracles.

My dad was hospitalised in ICU, on the ventilator, his heart had stopped when they found him and paramedics managed to resuscitate him. Oxygen to the brain had cut off for 15-20mins and brain damage was inevitable. If his heart stops again, the doctors would not try their best to revive him because it would just be more suffering and he'd most likely be a vegetable.

I'd like to share his progress day by day. Hope that it would be encouraging to those going through similar situations. I'm very thankful for all the encouragement and prayers from my friends, especially those who came to the hospital to visit and pray for him, even friend's friends came, whom I don't know at all. I'm also thankful to those who shared with me their experiences in similar situations, but also felt bad that they had to recall painful memories to give me strength.

I was in the hospital by his side almost everyday, until visiting hours were over at 8pm. I would wait till the nurses chase me out, latest was 11pm. I went there after work, on weekends, on me and my Fiancé's birthday. I kept talking to him of memories and also read to him Bible passages etc, as advised by a friend's friend.

He was on the brink of death and we were told to expect the worst.

Day 1 & Day 2: Unresponsive, unconscious, depending on ventilator to breathe. Brain asleep. Not reacting to pain.

Day 3: Started to breathe a little on his own, but still need the ventilator to support. Blood pressure went up to normal range. Not reacting to pain.

Day 4: Started twitching, meaning brain has started to wake up, oxygen going in.

Day 5: He opened his eyes and can react!

Day 6: He can talk! But his throat is not well, with tubes going in and we cannot understand 80% of what he says.

Day 7: Speaking much clearer (can't understand about 40%) but still hallucinating a little. Nurse said it's normal for those who came out of coma.

Day 9: Transferred to general ward. But has been restless and agitated, so given medication to let him calm down and sleep.

Day 13: He is finally completely conscious and aware of what is going on. He couldn't remember what happened since Day 1 and even what we spoke to him or what he said. Everything okay except still trying to walk, legs were weak.

Day 15: He is discharged and free to go home! Walking, eating and talking normally! When he was discharged and walked to the hospital lobby, the staff were all shocked that he's alive and walking around. He said it was quite funny.

He has fully recovered on Day 15, which is around 2 weeks. Although I can't say that everything is well at home, the most important thing to me is that he is alive. Whose family doesn't have troubles or face obstacles? I was really broken at first and just kept crying and thinking of sad things such as he won't be there to walk me down the aisle at my wedding in Jan. As I'm typing this, I can't help shedding tears of relief. This is his second chance in life, not everyone gets it. Now he knows how precious is life and how important it is to not have regrets. 

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