Sunday, 22 March 2015

Yishan's Embarrassing Birthday Celebration @ Rouse + Review

It's been our BFF tradition since a few years ago to prank the birthday boy/girl. But this time round, I think YS got the worst shit ever haha. I must say I have retired, none of these were my ideas! I feel really bad for her! But still...really funny.

We decided on Rouse, because we have a muslim BFF in the group haha.

The menu.

What she went through:
1. Blindfolded
2. Sash with "Hot Birthday Woman"
3. Long rainbow wig
4. Yellow flowers garland
5. Tasting of tomato sauce with sugar, peanut butter on siewmai, apple soaked in soya sauce

BFF since sec school!

Singing the birthday song for the hot birthday woman.

The gang of the day.

Finally removed the horrible wig and replaced with something prettier haha.

And finally, we eat. 
Mocha, $6.

Spicy Asian Crab Penne, $16.90. Frankly I was disappointed with this. Yes, there's a lot of crab meat, spicy enough and it's a big portion, but lacking in flavour. Should add more saltiness as well.

Krusty Curry Burger, $15.90. I thought this was better than the penne, and the curry sauce rocks!

Can't remember what's this but I guess it's Chickie Chomper, $11.90.

Out of everything, this cake is the ultimate! Their cakes are not baked inhouse. Didn't manage to catch where this is from. Some kind of butter biscuit cake or something. So good.

After Rouse, we headed to Mind Cafe @ Funan. Seems like we always visit Mind Cafe in birthdays, we always have so much fun and violence there!

Wow which superstar in Funan?

So many bodyguards. Nobody wanted to walk too close to her. Lol.

Sorry YS but you seem like you're having fun! And very steady!

Polaroids to end the day.

And my Fiancé who always got along well with my friends.

Special photo to end off with, my 5 teeth that were removed end Dec. What an ordeal.

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