Saturday, 11 July 2015

First time in Pulau Ubin!

Finally visited Pulau Ubin for the first time! Really enjoyed cycling there although it was super tiring. I already know it's like a village but still surprised at the condition of living there.

Didn't manage to capture many photos because we were cycling non-stop and my phone was in the bag.

We met at Changi Village for breakfast at 8am then set off! Each boat trip costs $2.50. Reminds me of the boat ride in Krabi.

We cycled for a little while then stopped by a shop that's run by an old woman. Selling only coconuts. There was this super cute huge dog lazing the on ground. It's face looks like a bear haha! So cute!

Serene pond beside the shop.

During some of the rest stops, our friends tried to teach the Fiancé how to cycle. Quite funny! But feel bad too because he couldn't learn to cycle since young.

That day he actually rode the double bicycle. I couldn't balance when I sat in front because the person sitting in front has to know how to cycle and have to be heavier than the other person. So YJ sat in front, Fiancé at the back, and I had my own bicycle. 

Over an hour later, we arrived at Chek Jawa! Was so tired that we just glanced at the wild boar and ignored it haha! Didn't even bother taking a photo of it. Partly because there were many people surrounding it as well.

The beautiful scenery.

At another spot. He doesn't seem to grow up. Haha.

After returning the bicycles after 2 hours plus, we had lunch at the restaurant near the jetty. Frankly the food wasn't that good but we were famished so we finished everything.

A new clique we formed. ^.^

I would love to head to Pulau Ubin for cycling again! At first I was worried about cycling because I can't even remember the last time. I used to really cycle alot with my neighbour behind me when I was young, but stopped because I shifted house. I totally enjoyed myself although going uphill almost took my life. But going downhill was damn shiok and that's what I'd go back for. The thrill.

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