Saturday, 24 January 2015

Christmas Gift Exchange with Bridesmaids. Review: A for Arbite.

Had the first meetup with my some of my busy bridesmaids! We had a gift exchange-dinner session for Christmas.

Before heading out. Bride-to-be wore a white dress. 😁

New favourite earstuds from Seoul. Cost me around S$20 but I love it!

I saw these few girls who kept wearing white, frilly, elaborate, poofy gowns at other people's weddings. As if they're the ones getting married. So rude to want to outshine the brides. What are they even thinking.

Anyway the Fiancé and I went to Bugis for a walk before meeting the bridesmaids and we had Tai Parfait! Super love!

All of us went to Artistry but kitchen was closed, so changed location... A for Arbite!

Did the gift exchange before the food came.

KY got my present! Liquer chocolates.

Yvonne got KY's. 

Cass got Yvonne's! Lip balm and something else haha.

I got Cass'. H&M gift card!

Moving on to the food! Actually we were quite disappointed.

Salted Egg Fries. It's a little disappointing. Salted egg flavour should be stronger.

Salted Egg Crab Pasta. Batter of soft shelled crab was too thick and wasn't crispy enough. Overall not salty enough as well.

Squid Ink Tagliolinni with Seafood. Average.

Adobo Pork Ribs. This was the best out of all our orders. Tender and flavourful.

Ribeye Steak. Sigh. Asked for medium but got almost well done. Tough. Was so disappointed cuz I was craving for a juicy tender steak.

Sticky Date Pudding. Tooooo sweeeeeeet.

My Wife's Chocolate Cake. Didn't try this but quite a bit of leftover.

Raspberry beer. Quite sour but good.

I heard that their other Arbite outlet in Serangoon was good though. Will visit next time and hope I don't get disappointed again! Very sian one leh, spend so much and expected better quality so it feels sucky when the money and stomach space wasn't worth it.

Looking forward to our next gathering! Have to be diligent and check the reviews of the next place we're going!

* We just celebrated our 9th anniversary a few days ago! We'll be married in less than a year!!

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