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Review: Ice Edge Café, Chicken Up @ Tampines, Teeth Reshaping @Nuffield Dental. Update: Pre-Wedding Photos

I passed by Lola's Café and Ice Edge Café while walking to my new dental clinic and thought of trying them. So yesterday, we decided to try out Ice Edge Café at Kovan for dinner. I actually wanted to try Lola's Café first, but heard from colleagues that it's always crowded and has a long queue, and they don't take in reservations for Friday evenings and weekend, so I didn't want to risk it. I hate waiting in line. Thank goodness Ice Edge accepts reservations.

We reached on time at 6.45pm and the café was relatively empty. More people started coming in at around 7.15pm but there were still empty seats.

We ordered...

Seafood Aglio Olio. Shouldn't have asked for less chilli (the Fiancé didn't want too spicy), no kick at all. I like that it was fragrant, fresh seafood, loads of garlic and the al dente spaghetti. One thing I cannot tolerate is my noodles being overcooked, so this is a plus point for me. It could be more flavourful though. $16.80

Buffalo Wings. Read online reviews that this is one of their popular dishes. But it was quite disappointing for me. It wasn't crispy enough, not spicy enough, a little too salty. The meat was tender though. $10.80

However, the dessert is what made up for everything! We had waffle with two scoops of ice cream. We chose Strawberry Cheesecake and Mao Shan Wang as the staff recommended them. The Strawberry Cheesecake ice goodness, best one ever. I love the pieces of cake and the strong taste of cheese! Mao Shan Wang ice cream was good too. I'm not a fan of durian but I thought it was really good. The waffle was crisp on the outside and fluffy inside. Shiok! $14.80

Would I come back? Yes - for the great waffle and ice cream, and because of the 5min walk from Kovan MRT. Try to make reservations because it can be crowded at times.

Today we went to visit Pepper at my mum's place. Haven't seen here in a month, missed her so much!

So nice to stay still and let me take photos today.

She's overweight so my mum's been cutting down on her food. She's so damn heavy. Look at her soft bulging tummy.

This is my mummy... Many people said we look alike but I can't see the similarity.

After that, we went to Orchard because the Fiancé wanted to buy stuff. I was hungry so we tried the newly opened Tokyo Soup Stock at 313Somerset. We got the 2 soups + 1 rice set. I like that they don't use MSG. I get crazy thirsty if I have something with MSG and I didn't feel that way after this meal.

Got the crab bisque and Yukgyejang (Korean spicy beef soup). I enjoyed the crab bisque and the brown rice, but the yukgyejang was a little disappointing. Not spicy, a bit too sour, and minimal beef taste (unless you happen to bite on the tiny pieces of beef). I would say Soup Spoon is more value for money. At least it  has a lot more ingredients. If I didn't remember wrongly, it's $12.80 for this set.

For dinner, we met Rachael to try the new Chicken Up outlet at Century Square. The menu has lesser items compared to the one at Tanjong Pagar. I was looking forward to having noodles because I've been craving for the whole day, but they did not offer any here.

This time round we tried the Yakult Soju. It's nice and quite strong but we still preferred Pineapple Soju. As you can see after pouring three shots, there's only about half the jar left. $25

The Fiancé was craving for fried chicken, so we had Spicy Up half chicken. First bite was spicy but after that no kick. Only the skin was spicy, but very bearable. Tender and crispy, good. $18

I got the Seafood Toppoki since they don't have noodles. This is good but would prefer more spice. $20

Melon Bingsoo is only available at Tampines outlet. Was so excited to try it after seeing on Chicken Up's Facebook page, but actually...nothing much to rave about. $18

Our bill came up to $90.86. Rather pricey. This is after the 10% discount if you post a photo, tag @chickenup and hashtag #chickenup on either Facebook or Instagram. You can post either a selfie, group pic or food photos. This is what I did. Just show the photo at the cashier and they will apply the 10% discount.

With Rachael, who recently permed her hair.

I've been so conscious about my big rabbit teeth since many years ago, so I researched on whether it is possible to file them down. But I only took action a few days ago, at Nuffield Dental at Kovan. They have another clinic at Bedok.

I emailed Nuffield to ask for the pricing. Calina replied promptly and was very friendly and professional. I booked an appointment upon receiving her call, feeling so excited to finally do something to have nicer looking front teeth. I'm always bothered by it and I think I kinda look like I laugh or smile. That's why now I have a habit of covering my mouth when I laugh.

How my front teeth looked like before. Actually it's way worse in real life. Of course I only keep photos that looks acceptable.

The clinic is about 5-10mins walk from Kovan MRT and it looks quite atas. Calina was there and she's so friendly and helpful. Dr Chan attended to me and did the consultation (now there's free consultation if you go for scaling & polishing at $68 but I paid for just consultation). She got worried when she saw my bottom wisdom teeth and last molars. All four of them were all impacted. So she asked me to take an X-Ray ($90) to take a better look at the situation.

I was so glad that I took the X-Ray. At first I thought they just wanted to earn more, because I didn't have any problems with my teeth, no visible decay, no pain except from one of the wisdom teeth from many years ago. But I thought, no harm doing it, she's the professional and she sounds a little worried.

It came out like that.

So yes... I have all 4 wisdom teeth. Look at the bottom row, the wisdom teeth and last molar are indeed impacted. And it's worse on the left of the image, which is my right side. The impacted last molar caused decay on my first molar, and it's serious because the decay is reaching the root. If the root gets infected, I would have to go through root canal and crowning. So I'll be setting another appointment soon for that. They're waiting for their specialist surgeon to be back from his trip so he can take a look. Apparently it's their first case.

The other two on the right of the image will also have to be removed, but most probably next year as it's not urgent. Then I'll only have one molar on each side of my bottom row. :( Bo geh already. But Dr Chan said it won't affect my daily chewing.

After that, she proceeded to do the teeth contouring AKA teeth reshaping AKA filing. She used some sort of drill and used it to file. She's meticulous and always asks if I feel any sensitivity because there's a limit to how much can be filed before it becomes sensitive. She also asks me to take a look time and again to make sure it's the shape/length I want. It was painless, just that the screeching kinda bothered me. She said my front teeth looked big because my other teeth beside are small. The price for teeth reshaping is from $35/tooth onwards. The whole dental session took about 1.5hr.

Many of my friends said they didn't know this service exists. Pretty happy that now they know of this, they can go for it if unhappy with their teeth shape and length. And the price is really affordable! It'll be good if you can find sample photos to show.

Now it looks like this! Super duper happy with the results! I'm not feeling any sensitivity so far and I love the way it looks. No longer so conscious about the way I smile or laugh. No longer has to cover my mouth when I laugh. This is an awesome service!

I find the staff very professional and friendly. This is by far the best clinic I've been to. If you'd like to try, I've provided information for their two clinics below.

Nuffield Dental - Kovan
Add: 2 Kovan Road, #01-03, Simon Plaza, Singapore 548008
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat 9am-7pm
Tel: 6281 4313

Nuffield Dental - Bedok
Add: 430 Upper Changi Road, #01-63, East Village, Singapore 487048
Opening Hours: Mon- Fri 9am-9pm, Sat 9am-7pm
Tel: 6702 3238

Don't know if any of you are looking out for updates on our pre-wedding photos by Ido-Wedding, but here are some which I've released on Instagram and Facebook.

These are edited ones. Editing is actually minimal like removing scars, a little chubby areas like arms and the lighting/effect. Currently we're waiting for our album to be printed.

And these two are not edited. We're planning on having a second album so the editing will be done by us. If you know any reasonable priced album printer, appreciate if you can leave a comment!

Very happy with our photos! Highly recommend Ido-Wedding. If you're interested, can check out their Facebook at


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