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Seoul: Noryangjin Fish Market

Our itinerary got messed up because we overslept... So tiring! Everyday we were climbing stairs, going up steep slopes, walking for hours. So naturally after a week of that, we were tired and needed more rest. And for certain days I cannot remember where we went and the sequence.

So for Day 8, I remember going to Noryangjin Fish Market for breakfast. What an expensive breakfast (but comparing the prices to SG's prices, it's really really cheap)! After that we went shopping, so I'll just focus on this.

Even if you don't plan to eat there, which is not a good decision, you can still see the various seafood. There were quite a few creatures which we have not seen before, and those that we have, were of sizes we never imagined. Even though it has been more than a month since we came back, we still think of this meal frequently. It's on our MUST-GO list. Let me show you why.

Here's how the market looks like and some of the seafood they sell. You can try haggling for the more expensive things like crabs.

Prawns as big as a bottle. We didn't get this because it was rather expensive.

Live abalones!
Don't think I will ever try sea urchin...gross.

Penshell. We got this!

Spoon worms.

After we were done shopping, we went upstairs to one of the restaurants and asked them to prepare the seafood for us. Don't worry about language if you know Chinese, many of the fish stores and restaurant ahjummas are able to speak that.

They will recommend the cooking styles for the seafood, usually steaming and grilling, since these are live, super fresh seafood. We'll be able to experience the natural sweetness.

We bought:
- 8 Abalones: 10,000won for 8!! (approx S$12.30)
- 1 Crab: 26,000won, the size of my face! (approx S$32)
- 1 Pen Shell: 4,000won (approx S$4.90)
Cooking fee: 25,000won (approx S$30.80)
Total damage: 65,000won (S$80 ONLY!!!!)

Still much cheaper than SG!!!

I recommend getting more, unless you are going to order dishes like fried rice and vegetables. Rice wasn't provided. Without carbs, it wasn't very filling. One of the reasons was that we were afraid of splurging on just this one meal, since we still had a week to go.

Side dishes.
Never thought that abalones could be this tender!! We were amazed. It's so tender that you can take bites out of it, not like the local ones where you have to slice or pop the whole thing in, and it's tough and gets stuck between teeth. This is amazing. Grilled with maybe butter, there's a slight buttery taste. The green/black parts are the intestines. Looks gross but it adds on a lot of flavour. Don't see, just eat!
This big crab (steamed) which we thought would be enough for us. It was the size of my face!
This was so good too!! Sweet and tender. Next time, we will get the Snow Crab!

Pen Shell. Seriously just get like 3-4 of this. One is just not enough, it shrinks when cooked.
Grilled and never experienced this texture before. I think the texture differs from cooking methods.

Remember to put Noryangjin Fish Market in your Seoul itinerary!
Directions: To go to Noryangjin Fish Market, just take subway and alight at Noryangjin Station, climb up the stairs to the overhead bridge and walk all the way to the front.

Ending off with one of my solo pre-wedding photos by Ido-Wedding!

*If you would like my itinerary, feel free to drop a comment! I'll be happy to email you. :)

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