Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Seoul: Hotel MANU, Shopping in Myeongdong & Dongdaemun,Gyeongbokgung, BEST Samgyetang, Jiyugaoka 8, Bukchon Hanok.

We got up early to finish up our packing. Took a cab to our next hotel near Seoul Station. NOX Hotel's staffs were really friendly and helpful, helped us order food delivery and even pulled my heavy luggage up the steep slope so we could hail a cab. The hotel's nearest station is Yeoksam Station, around 7 mins walk but uphill. I recommend NOX Hotel if you want a hotel at Gangnam area.

Our second hotel, Hotel MANU, was more posh in terms of the building and decor, but the room was smaller. The toilet was also really small. The staffs were also helpful but not as friendly as those at NOX. I like that there is a water dispenser on every floor where we can refill our bottles. The location was better though, about 5 mins walk to Seoul Station and also near shopping area such as Myeondong.

We got a corner room at the highest level, level 10.

We quickly unpacked and went to Dongdaemun then Myeongdong! Finally we can really shop! That means few photos except food haha.

For shopping in Dongdaemun, alight at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station Exit 14. There are cheap and more atas malls. Cheaper malls would be Goodmorning City (10.30am-4.30pm, closed on Tues), Hello aPM (10.20am-5am, closed on Tues & PH). Actually other than the stretch you can see, you can actually walk down to another street where there are more malls that sells really cheap female clothes. But I only remember walking past a TonyMoly, can't remember which direction it is.

Delimanjoo hot custard puffs which we found at Myeongdong Station. This is nice when hot.

Dinner at Bonjuk in Myeongdong. Best congee ever! I ordered beef and veg congee, he ordered abalone congee.

Buys for the day!

Touristy day! We had Samgyetang breakfast at 10am+ at the famous Tosokchon. Please go before 10.30am on a weekday if you don't want to join the long queue. When we left at 11am+, there was a really long queue.

Great kimchi.

Bubbling hot! The chicken is super tender. Wasn't hard at all to use chopsticks and spoon to eat this! You can choose between white and black chicken, and whether you want more ginseng. They actually provide a small shot glass of ginseng alcoholic drink. We didn't like the taste so we poured it into our soup.

Glutinous rice inside the chicken.

Big ginseng in every chicken!

After breakfast, we walked to Gyeongbokgung which is nearby. Saw these cute flowers. I love flowers, can't resist taking photos haha.

Saw some gross looking eels.

Passed by the studio which We Got Married uses (I think).

Reached after strolling for around 10 mins.

Went to the museum first. Free entry. Not uploading every single photo because I think you guys will find it boring haha.

Crazy to carve this neat on the stamp!

Their book on dance moves lol!

So amazed at their detailed artwork.

Kings' meals.

Early days car which they used.

Happened to catch the guards changing ceremony.

Went on to the palace. Please buy a ticket first.

We skipped going to the Ice Gallery and proceeded to Insadong!

Went to Jiyugaoka. I read that it's one of the must-go cafes. This outlet is really small, less than 10 tables. Not sure if others are the same. The decor is so pretty! Fresh flowers for all tables.

We then went to Bukchon Hanok Traditional Village. Love the bricks and the exterior of the houses. We got a map from the tourist information counter but I don't recommend following the route throughout. It's too confusing and takes a long time. Nothing much to see too. So just take photos of the houses at the entrance near the road and go off.

Outfit bought in Dongdaemun except for my bag.

After that we went shopping, so no pics for that again. The Ice Gallery was actually in our itinerary but decided not to go.

*If you would like my itinerary, feel free to drop a comment! I'll be happy to email you. :)

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