Sunday, 22 March 2015

Seoul: Everland (Out of Seoul), Korean Food Delivery.

We're leaving for Seoul again in 15 days time, but I have yet to finish blogging about the trip last August! Need to be more timely!

On Day 4, we went to Everland. We're not into themeparks because we don't take rides, but Everland was highly recommended out of all other themeparks. The main thing why we went is because of Zootopia!

We really recommend going to Zootopia because you can have close contact with giraffes, see animals like lions, tigers and bears up close because you'll be in the bus that's driving through the mini safari.

Although I researched on how to get to Everland, the directions were inaccurate and we took longer than expected to get to the correct bus stop in Gangnam. The bus stop is in the middle of two roads. Took bus 5002 and alight at the final stop, then follow the crowd to take the free shuttle bus into Everland. Luckily bus 5002 has automatic announcement on which bus stop is next.

Buy your tickets at the counter for foreigners. There'll be a discount. It's towards the right side. Take the map at the counter too. Everland is huge and we got lost a couple of times.

This is only the second themepark I've been to (first is our Escape themepark lol) and I was blown away by the interior. So pretty and fairyland-like! And so many pretty flowers! I took pics of almost all of them, you'll see later.

Pretty flowers upon entering.

Steep slopes everywhere. Not just Everland but Seoul too. Serious workout for us lol.

First stop, Zootopia! We actually finished touring Zootopia and only browsed the remaining. Only took 3 rides in total lol. Achievement okay.

Super cute baby monkey, tiger and lion cubs!

A pen where you can touch the sheep. I poked it! They were really dirty though.

While in the bus driving through the safari with giraffes and zebras, the giraffes stick their heads in every windows to get treats from the guide. So amazed to have its face right in front of ours. They were so gentle and tame.

Another safari ride where you can see lions, bears and white tigers.

The bears did tricks like walking, smiling, and begging for the treats.

Over here, you can pay a small amount for bird feed, to feed them.

Then we took lunch at the foodcourt. Were disappointed by the beef soup though, it was tasteless.

This piece of meat saved the meal. Really good.

So happy to finally have lunch after walking for so long.

Love the buildings and decorations.

Beautiful garden.

One of our countable touristy shot.

We spent most of the time looking at the decorations, took very few rides. But...I don't know why, I told him I wanted to try riding the viking ship before we leave. Oh man, how much I regretted. Didn't puke but I felt like shit during the rider till we reach Gangnam.

We headed back to Gangnam via the same route, free shuttle bus to the interchange, then bus back to Gangnam. Shopped around for a bit then headed back to the hotel to rest early, catch more sleep before the pre-wedding shoot the next day!

But when we reached NOX Hotel, we were hungry...and asked for help at the front desk for food delivery! Finally we're gonna try jjajangmyun and fried chicken! Ordered wayyyy too much. Actually we ordered just one bowl of jjajangmyun (yes they deliver even if you ordered just a bowl), but the chicken came in a huge portion. Mixed fried and yangnyum chicken (fried with sweet & spicy sauce). They were soooo good! So, that was our binge before the shoot next day. If your hotel or hostel allows, should try the food delivery, it was a different experience from our local deliveries, and they deliver 24hours. For any bowls, just leave them in the plastic bag provided outside your room, they will collect it afterwards.

Came with radish pickles, wedges, can of coke, honey mustard sauce and wet tissue.

Tadah!!! The best jjajangmyun ever. Even better than the famous old Chinese restaurant - Andongjang. Or maybe their's suits the older people's tastes better, the restaurant was filled with the elderly. This delivery one was more flavourful and salty enough. We found Andongjang's a little bland. More of that one another post!

Comes with a little jjajang sauce, for you to mix in if it's not salty enough, and pickles. We will stick to this delivery joint!

*If you would like my itinerary, feel free to drop a comment! I'll be happy to email you. :)

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