Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Seoul: Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, Bum's Story

Photoshoot day.
We were regretting the late night supper of fried chicken and jjajangmyun delivery. But it's okay, there's Photoshop! Haha.

We woke up early, had breakfast from Paris Baguette which we bought the previous night, and met our Korean consultant from Ido-Wedding, Chris, at our hotel lobby. We went directly to the hair & makeup salon. 3 hours were set aside to get all dressed up, our outfits were also delivered there.

I went to have my makeup done first. I was happy with all except my eyelashes, so in the end I used my own instead.

I still didn't know which hairstyle to go for and so I just took the senior hairstylist's recommendation. Usually the bride's hair will be set by junior hairstylists but the senior happened to be there and she offered to do it for me. She said my hair did not have enough volume to create the look so we added on clip-on hair extensions. I was hesitant because had to pay an extra 100,000won+. Since they're clip-ons and have to return after the shoot, it wasn't worth it. But the Fiance said to just get it so it'll look nice on the photos. The result was really good. :)

Our bridal assistant arrived with all the outfits and helped me change into the first gown, had my hair touched up and off we went to the studio.

We had 5 hours for the shoot but ended up finishing early at just 4 hours. Probably because there weren't anyone else there taking photos too. The photographer and his assistant were so cute together, and he was hilarious when he showed me poses to do. 

Here are some previews from Chris, who took quite a few photos for us on his mobile. We'll be selecting the final photos this Sunday! Hope all looks good!

After the shoot, we went back to the hotel to put our stuffs, then went for dinner at Bum's Story, our beloved Jaejoong and Yoochun's restaurant. Sadly we didn't see any of them. I know Jaejoong was busy in the gym at that time though. :(

The restaurant was rather hard to find and after walking for some time, we ended up getting a cab.

The food was good!!
Edamame as free side dish.

What a posh bottle of water lol.

We ordered too much. Seriously Korean serving portions are so big. We'll most likely complain about the portions when we get back to SG.

Fusion stir fry udon with seafood. I love this!! Tastes like fresh udon, not those out of a packet. And so much ingredients. We finished this!

I think this was sweet and sour chicken. Couldn't finish this.

Spicy seafood soup. ALMOST finished this. So much ingredients too!

*If you would like my itinerary, feel free to drop a comment! I'll be happy to email you. :)


  1. Hi, Can I have your itinerary ? :) How much do you spent in total for this photoshoot ? Do you personally love the result ? Thank you in advance for your info <3
    ps: I can't see the photo that you upload on your blog in indonesia :(

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