Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Seoul: Gown fitting, Yoogane, Dyed Hair, Cube Studio Cafe,BBQ.

Half of the day was spent on hair and makeup consultation and wedding gown selection. We woke up early and met our Korean consultants from Ido-wedding at the lobby of NOX Hotel around 10.30am. Since our appointment for gown fitting was at 11am, Gina and Chris drove us around Apjujeong area and showed us where the entertainment companies like JYP, SM and Cube were.

We then went to the bridal studio and I chose the gowns I wanted to try. We woke up early and our faces and eyes were still swollen (partly due to the supper binge last night...). When I tried on the first dress and curtain was about to open, I was so nervous and shy, like how I felt during our first date.

We both loved the first dress! Chose two white gowns (1 volume, 1 slim, 1 coloured, 1 mini which they chose for me, and hanbok which we choose on the day of the shoot). The Fiance had 2 jackets. Chose 1 navy and 1 gold. We were also allowed to bring our own clothes for casual shoot if there's time leftover.

The first dress we both love. Still remember his huge smile when the curtain opened and he saw me. The dress wasn't worn on properly so it didn't look as nice as on the actual shooting date, after altering and lacing up the bodice.

Then we went to the hair and makeup consultation. Didn't have any idea what hairstyle I wanted so ended up deciding on the day of the shoot (Day 5).

My hair had many colours (according to the staff) so I booked my hair dye appointment plus trimming of fringe on the same day. They were having half price for hair dye, but it still cost me 150,000won + 10,000won (trim fringe).

Went to try Yoogane for lunch while waiting for my 4pm appointment. It was okay, a little disappointed actually. Tastes the same in Singapore's outlet.

After the appointment, we went to Cube Studio Cafe! Ordered our drinks and got a buzzer which will vibrate when our drinks are ready. Rather expensive but nice.

Blueberry yoghurt frap and green tea latte.

Took pics of my new hair colour. Super pretty curls the stylist created for me!

For dinner, we took a longggg time searching for Gary's restaurant Pal Ja Mak Chang, under the heavy rain. Asked a mak chang restaurant's staff where it is and he said it's this restaurant. He's lying or don't understand us but we just settled for it to get out of the rain since we were drenched and tired. But anyway the Fiance said the intestines are very good. My pork belly was average.

Free steamed eggs and doenjang chige which I didn't take a pic of.

Shall stop for now! Finishing our coffee in Angel-in-us Coffee and going to resume our shopping schedule.

*If you would like my itinerary, feel free to drop a comment! I'll be happy to email you. :)

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