Monday, 21 July 2014

Review: Volume Rebond at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Got my hair prepped, ready for our pre-wedding photoshoot!

I visited Zinc Korean Hair Salon for cut, volume rebond and intensive 4-step treatment. It's not the first time I've been there. The last two times I visited them was for colouring and cutting.

It's a Korean salon with mainly Korean hairstylists. So the prices were more premium, and I visit them if I want to do colouring or other chemical processes because I felt it's more worth it. I don't usually cut my hair and when I do, I only trim a little, so their price at $55 is too pricey for me.

On my first visit some time last year, I had my hair coloured to a dark grey-ashy colour with a slight blue tint and trimmed slightly. Stylist was one of the directors, Rani. I loved it! But to achieve that colour I had my hair bleached twice. :( My hair is already quite damaged since poly years, from all the colouring and straightening I do at home. 

Then the colour faded. Usually ash colours don't last long, plus I bleached, so the colour faded quite quickly, but to another pretty colour. A salesgirl even asked what colour it is while I was at the counter.

On my second visit, my stylist was Rena. I went for colouring too, a few months ago. My black roots were quite long and I found it really ugly. Didn't wait for a date nearer to the shooting date to get it dyed. Can't remember the colour I chose but I think it was a dark ash brown. Didn't bleach this time round. I've been going for dark colours more often partly due to work and that I think dark colours suit me better.

And this time round, I wanted to cut plus volume rebond. Did not expect that I need the treatment but Rena highly recommended due to my damaged hair. So cut ($55) + intensive 4-step treatment ($155) + volume rebond ($260) = A heart wrenching $470. Did not go for roots touch up because it'll be another $108 more. Anyway the roots are less than an inch long.

Volume rebond means the top-mid part of your hair will be rebonded, while the bottom are natural curls. Different from perm as perm is more defined curls. At first your hair will be curled using the heating rollers, then rebond. I like that my fringe has a slight curl to the side. Rena said it'll last for 6 months if I don't cut.

*Didn't expect Rani to remember me, or my name since I only saw her once, last year, although we texted a few times after my visit. So I was happy when she approached me saying my name. What great memory!

I love the result! My hair is so smooth and manageable now. Although I can't wash for 3 days haha.

Pics taken by my new Samsung NX Mini btw. ;)

Super lovely results! So many friends told me that it looks beautiful and even asked where and how much I got it done. So I referred them to Zinc haha.

Till the next time!
Next post is most prolly gonna be a throwback because I'm heading to Korea on 1st Aug! Next Friday! Woohoo! No work for 2 weeks! ^.^

Zinc Korean Hair Salon
Centrepoint. Will update the address tomorrow.

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