Sunday, 13 July 2014

Joanie x JiaXuan's Wedding

Joanie is the Fiance's older sister. She finally got married after dating for almost 10 years and some time was actually long distance relationship, so it was really hard for them.

Her wedding was a very busy affair. On the first day, the Fiance and I woke up went to sleep at around 10-11pm and had to wake up at 2am because his mum had reach Joanie's place at 4am for the traditional customs like combing hair, etc.

Wore this for the gatecrash and church wedding.

Early morning 4am + not enough sleep = Swollen faces especially mine. 

Don't know what is this for...


Then time to get ready!

Veiling. Major love her dress! (From Joanie's Facebook.)

(From Acapella Photography.)

 (From Joanie's Facebook.)

(From Acapella Photography.)

 (From Joanie's Facebook.)

Groom and brothers are here! Time for the sisters to be wicked and do their job.
I like this photo! Full of determination haha! (From Acapella Photography.)

The Fiance opened the car door.

This is the highlight haha! Licking the 'M' off M&Ms.

She's got to be the most beautiful bride ever!

Off to the groom's house.

Then we went back home for a short rest before heading to the church wedding.

The church is beautiful.

 (From Joanie's Facebook.)

 (From Joanie's Facebook.)

(From Acapella Photography.)

(From Acapella Photography.)

March in.

Don't remember what their speech but I remember some parts made me tear.

After the buffet lunch, saw them taking photos under the hot sun.

(From Acapella Photography.)

Then we went back home again (and finally I can have a few winks of sleep) and got ready for the 1st wedding dinner banquet at Seletar Country Club. I actually didn't take many photos and the photos from photographer aren't ready yet.

Next day, 2nd wedding dinner banquet at Mandarin Oriental.

From poly schoolmates who have never spoken to each other except online and forgot how we knew each other, to being distant relatives!

My table gift was super delicious chocolate in an interesting box which now I use to store my rubber bands.

(From Acapella Photography.)

(From Acapella Photography.)

(From Joanie's Facebook.)

First time capturing all dishes of a wedding banquet. The food was so good! But portions too big. Never thought I would say this.

Feel really happy for them! Now we have a new addition to the family!

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