Sunday, 13 July 2014

Five Tapas Bar

Just reached home not long ago. Went out shopping for something to wear for our casual shots for our wedding photoshoot but couldn't find any nice dresses. :(

Went for dinner with Ryan & Dineshn at Five Tapas Bar. Food was not bad but didn't expect that our bill came up quite high because the dishes are quite cheap. I think mostly accrued to the drinks they ordered!

We reached at 7pm+ and was quite surprised that there were a lot of seats. Was afraid we had to queue for some time.

The two cheeky boys.

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We actually ordered 11 dishes with some repeated orders like the Stuffed Mushrooms, Sauteed Garlic Cockles and Wings.

Crispy Butaniku, which is a fancy name for crispy fried luncheon meat. Very crunchy and quite addictive, but unhealthy and caused us to be very thirsty afterwards.

Wings were crispy, tender and juice. But could be slightly saltier.

Stuffed Mushrooms - mushrooms stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon. Not bad, but should be served hot.

Crispy Beer Battered White Bait. I was disappointed with this. But the white bait was fleshy.

Sio Bak. GOOD!

Sauteed Garlic Cockles. Okay, have to say this is good! I really hate raw cockles and have never eaten it purposely except for the first time I tried cockles. Really hate the bloody taste. So I was really surprised that I like this, because when cooked, it totally did not have the bloody taste!

Seafood Glass Noodles. I need to have my daily dose of noodles so I got this. Didn't expect it to be sticky but still found it nice. But could be saltier too.

Truffle fries. Love the crispiness but taste wasn't strong enough.

Mandatory group shot!
Five Tapas Bar
Address: 25 Cuppage Rd, 229454

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