Friday, 18 July 2014

Away Day in Bintan, Club Med. 2013

My first Away Day (company retreat) last year!

We went to Bintan, Club Med! It's 3 days, 2 nights.
I seldom travel so I was quite excited about it. And also, staffs' partners are invited, so the Fiance came along.

Let's go!

We have a No One Flight policy, so we are split into two groups. We went for the later one because the earlier one is way too early.
Those taking the first ferry are mainly the committee members. And also mainly the hyperactive people haha.

Bye SG!

Reached Bintan after around 45mins! If I remember correctly.

Hyperactive people taking photos once they reached. After immigration, we still have to collect stuff at the counter for Club Med and then take a shuttle bus over.

These are our boys...


Went for free drinks by the beach while waiting for the second batch to arrive.

All of us went for buffet breakfast before heading for our half-day company strategic planning. The partners went for a walk before getting keys to the rooms (actually it's only Uncle Victor's wife Eileen, and the Fiance haha). For all our meals, we had buffet at Waterfall Restaurant. Shiok! Really spam the dessert!


Our company strategic planning in one of their meeting rooms.

The resort was really nice! The beach was really clean too. Sand was very white and soft.

The bar where we get our free (alcoholic) drinks.

The restaurant where we had our meals.

Our room. We got a corner unit so we had an extra daybed! Room size was slightly bigger than what I expected. It was on the highest level so quite tiring to climb up and down the stairs haha.

Shower and toilet bowl are separated.

Sitting outside, enjoying the view and wind.


Dinner time! Really went crazy with desserts, especially the macarons! They were hugeeee.


Some drinks after dinner.

Then karaoke!


Breakfast the next day, then beach games.


To the beach! Under the blazing sun. It hurts to stand on the sand.

Back to room for a quick shower before heading for lunch then to our selected activities. We chose archery and I found a new love!


Couldn't stop and went for round after round till my arms started to tremble and ache.

Kayaking group. The rest went snorkelling.

After dinner we went for table tennis, pool, more karaoke and watched a dance/acrobatic performance.


Final meal at Club Med. We ate at a cafe near the beach.


Lovely view with lovely Fiance.
Our couple polo tee.

Final drinks before leaving.


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