Saturday, 7 June 2014

Nicholas & Evi's Solemnisation! (2012)


My elder brother is married! We now have a new addition to the family! Welcome sis-in-law!

Their ROM was held at Seb's Bistro at Rochester. It's a very chillax place and they have indoor playhouse and outdoor play area for kids in a bungalow within the bistro.

I still remember I was damn suay, I suddenly had allergic reaction to a mask which I was using at that time. I actually used it quite a few times but it just suddenly occured. So that day I kinda look like shit. Lol.

As family, of course we reached early. Started taking photos!

My Mummy. Haha she went to a salon and got her hair done. Not what she'd do usually!

That's my handsome korkor!

So many people always say we look alike but I can't see the similarities!


My little brother.

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Solemnisation started! Couldn't stop myself, I kept crying throughout the whole ceremony!! Felt so emotional. My brother who always played wrestling with me when we were young, is married! All grown up! Haha. I'm really bad at this kind of emotional events, always end up crying.

Mummy with SIL's family.

I didn't manage to take many photos so here are some photos I kope from my bro's Facebook, I think taken by SIL's friend.

Our family.

Okay! Now for the buffet! The food was reallyyyyy good!!! I went for like 2-3 rounds lol.


And lastly, a gift from my SIL. :)

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