Saturday, 7 June 2014

Meijuan & Kho Joo's Wedding! (2012)


In 2012, other than my brother getting married, my cousin got married as well! She's the first among us all (my mum's side) to get married, totally changing the sequence of our guesses on who will get married first. Because since young, she has been very tomboyish, so we didn't think she'd be the first to get hitched! :P

It was the first time for me seeing her all dressed up (in a dress!) and with MAKEUP!! OMG! She is gorgeous! Should dress up more often what! Kinda look like the HK actress Jessica Hsuan!

So as family once again, we went over to her place early in the morning to witness the gatecrashing.

Lol at the boyfriend helping my little bro with his hair.

Wah. Speechless. Totally different from how we always see her over all these years.

Hahaha botak cousin.

The sisters preparing the materials for gatecrash.


Some of the guys who I treasure in my life. Cousin Zhaoting (Meijuan's older bro), the boyfriend, botak cousin Jonathan in NS (yes...same name as the boyfriend), little brother Brandon. And I didn't notice Jonathan's mum in the background. Gave me a shock.

The happy father!

And then the happy father went to sit outside to wait for the groom and brothers.   

Groom arrived!

Little bro to open the car door haha.

I just realised my botak cousin was one of the brothers.


Okay la come in la.

Going over to the groom's place.

While waiting for them to come back, we had buffet and some junk.


And have some fun.

Meijuan's mum and botak cousin's mum haha. I like that no matter how old they are,
they're still very close, fun loving and fool around like that.

Hiding behind baby bro.

So many boys in my family that's why I was so tomboyish, careless and rough when young as well.



The wedding dinner banquet invitation.

They're back for tea ceremony!

Meijuan's mum brought me to a salon to set my hair haha.

Then we went to the dinner venue. The boyfriend and I were the MC. I don't think I did a good job. :(

Now in 2014, they have a daughter and a son! Happy family! ^.^

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