Friday, 13 June 2014

Childhood Photos ^.^

As Fathers' Day is coming, it makes me think of my childhood. So will be posting some of my childhood photos! I really miss my childhood, of all the trips to Genting, times when my older bro and I played marbles and wrestling together, and when my baby bro was soooo cute and chubby haha.

Since it's gonna be Fathers' Day soon, I shall start with this! A rare photo of my papa.

This should be at Jurong Bird Park. I remember I was scared to sit there because it's so high!
Thank you for always loving me. I can feel it although you don't show it outright. Sorry to disappoint you with my exam results as I grow older haha. I feel thankful that you have always trusted me, even to decide my choices for secondary schools at P6, when all my other friends' parents were making noises and deciding for them.  I remember you said something along the lines of "I trust you enough to make your own choices." Whoever says that to a primary school kid? Haha.

Although you don't show your love through words like I love you, but you show it through actions. I remember one day mummy wanted to cook crab and she insisted on making butter crab while I desperately wanted black pepper crab. After our little petty argument which I lost, you went to cook black pepper crab just for me.

I remember you always making me wear those little cutesy dresses for outings and gatherings, and made me sit on your shoulder while we took a walk at Clarke Quay at night for one of our family outings. Then, you sat me down on a chair while an artist drew my portrait (and I dozed off haha), of which I still keep.

I remember you always dressing smartly and gel-ing your hair so neatly, always asking me "帅不帅?" before going out.

Thank you for sending me to learn so many different things, but sorry to waste your money because I didn't have interest in most of them. :( Ballet, piano, abacus, art...

My older bro with me and my apply hairstyle. Shit I think look abit like Kim Shinyoung.

Older bro and I. Around a year old. I don't know where is this place haha.

My mummy celebrating my first birthday.

Always went to the pool since young but nobody can successfully teach me how to swim, even the instructor.

Cable car with my poker-face brother.

FIR kind of pose haha.

My best friend back then, who lived in the same block and is one year older. We lost contact after I shifted. :( I still can't find her.

Always taking care of me like I'm her little sister.

She even joins in my family outings.

In a hotel in Genting with my smelly pillow, which my helper threw away in 2009 I think.

Kindergarten. I was taller than many of my classmates.

This is how much taller I was.

Sigh what kind of hairstyle is this...

Finally have a super pretty and spacious room at our second house! Colour scheme was pink and grey. In my ballet costume doing homework I guess.

Abacus exam with my mummy. I lost all my certs. ;(

In Korea with a Korean ahjumma.

Waterfall in Korea.

My closest cousin.

Bursary with my aunt and cousin.

Then my baby bro came along when I was in P1!

He was a very bui baby hahaha.

That's him on the right, with two of our neighbours. The little girl is the same age as him.


Super cute!!

Favourite baby photo of him!
So cheekyyyy.

Not forgetting my pretty mummy.

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