Sunday, 11 May 2014

WeiQuan's 26th Birthday, Meetup with Rachael & Cherie!

Another up-to-date post!
We celebrated WeiQuan's (Yishan's bf) birthday in advance. It has become our tradition to make the birthday person feel paiseh haha. Very fun but I feel bad sometimes...but it makes great memories for all! :P

It was a surprise, he didn't know he'd be meeting us for dinner at Fish & Co in Changi Airport. He thought Yishan wanted to go fetch some boyband or something. Our initial plan was go to Earle's Swensens because they have salad buffet, and buffet means we can stay there longer. But it closed down, so we went to Fish & Co, which he would not expect too, as we celebrated Yishan's birthday there in Jan.

Kaya, the Fiance and I met up first at the restaurant so we can go through our plans again. Was too hungry so we ordered first. Had my first meal at 5pm+.

Seafood Platter for one.

When they arrived, the embarrassment started. We were ecstatic! Especially Yishan because she wanted revengeeeee!

First tattoos on the face. Which Yishan "lovingly" choose spots to put on the tattoos.

Made sure to balance out haha.

Next, eyelashes, put on by a first timer.

Yishan 几 happy 一下!

The Fiance looks like he's egging her on hahaha.


Last item...bunny ears!!


Sorry uncle, not on purpose!

Won a free piece of cake just by scoring more than 350 points on Fruit Ninja! Shiok!

I must say we really attracted a lot of attention and people were chuckling at us haha. Fun! But after we left the restaurant, WeiQuan went to the toilet and scrubbed hard at his star tattoos. :( And he only wore the eyelashes and bunny ears for awhile. Kept apologising to us for what he did for our previous birthdays hahaha!

Finally tried the bear paw burger! Brought it home as dinner, it's nice!
I chose milk bun, mushroom sauce and fish patty.
Spicy for just the first half.
I like this.

I like this chinese restaurant at PS basement called 一根面!

Love the gyoza!

Made sweet potato fries using airfryer!

Met up for dinner with Rachael & Cherie. Went to a small restaurant called Knuckles, near Kovan. Cheap and really good food!

Rachael, Cherie and the Fiance ordered Pork Knuckles. Small portion but only $8!

My Truffle Mushroom pasta was super good too! $8

Truffle fries that were really crispy and addictive! $3

Grilled mushrooms! $3.

We also had the lemon tiger beer. $7/bottle or $30 for 5 bottles! I think it's my favourite beer so far, really nice.

Single lady Cherie.

Single lady Rachael.

Address: Blk 212 Hougang Street 21 #01-33 S(530212)

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