Sunday, 11 May 2014

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Consultation & Baby Sunny's Baby Shower!

This is an up-to-date post. :D

The Fiance & I went for our 2nd meeting with our Audrey, pre-wedding photoshoot consultant from IDO Wedding. Yup, we will be taking our pre-wedding photos in Korea! *3 more months to lose some flabs*

Mainly we went through the items included, schedule and what kind of gowns I like. I don't have a dream wedding gown, hope that I will find some that I really like in the bridal studio in Korea! I will have 4 gowns (2 white long gowns, 1 coloured, 1 mini gown & hanbok). The Fiance only has 2 tux & 1 hanbok haha. Anyway I think he will be bringing quite a few selections there. We are allowed to wear our own clothes if time permits.

We bought our package during the promotions at VIZIT KOREA around Nov 2013 and it costs S$4,888. It's not the most expensive package but we find the items & freebies sufficient. IDO Wedding is our first choice because they have many studios to choose from (although you can only choose one in the end), and their reviews are all superb! I have been browsing their Facebook page wayyy before the Proposal and then-boyfriend agreed that their photos are very pretty and we love their concepts. One of the things that really attracted me is that to receive all the edited photos if you would just write a testimonial for them, and post a photo of you and your partner taken during your trip!

The payments are in separated into 3 parts, so it doesn't tear a big hole in your wallet at one go.
1st payment: 30% (during signing of agreement)
2nd payment: 60% (during choosing of gown styles)
3rd payment: 10% (during selection of photos to include in the wedding album)

Can't wait for August!!!

After the meeting, we still had time before meeting Jonathan (my cousin)  to go to my uncle's place for Sunny's baby shower. So we went for lunch at a random Korean restaurant at Tanjong Pagar.

My favourite banchan!!! Salad with pineapple sauce, super appetising!

My favourite Korean noodles - Bibim Naengmyun.

Kimchi Bokeumbap. His egg came later on haha.
Came with seaweed soup, which has a few clams in it.

Then we went to my uncle's place.
Entertained by baby Evonne haha.

Little cutie, you're a jiejie already!

Busy watching a cartoon on penguins.

Don't care, still taking a pic with you.

You're a month old now, baby Sunny!

Cousin Jonathan.

Cousin Cheryl.

Selfies! ^.^

Complimentary cake for Mothers' Day.

Happy Mothers' Day, Mummy! See you tomorrow!

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