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Throwback: Taipei, Nov 2011. Post #1.

My second overseas trip with the fiance was to Taipei, Taiwan, back in 2011.
I remember it was a impromptu trip. His mum asked if we wanted to go to Taiwan with her, since his stepdad works there. We weren't earning much then, but since we did not have to pay for accommodation, we decided to go with it. However, the days we could take leave did not match the days when his mum planned to go, so the both of us went alone. It was a 7-days trip.

Since it was 3 years back...I can't remember some details haha.

We flew with Jetstar. Because Cheryl works at Jetstar, but she didn't manage to get our flight, so she asked her colleagues to take care of us haha. Thank you for the great service and being so friendly!

His mum drove us to the airport.

Met Cheryl for awhile at the airport.

And we had Texas Chicken for the first time, at the airport haha. It's good!

We were both really excited! It had been a long time since we went overseas. The previous time was a few years back, to KL and Genting, for his cousin's wedding. We went with a huge group of his family so we didn't really have the freedom to roam around ourselves. And Malaysia is scary lol.

I hate plane rides. I was a little grumpy, uncomfortable and my ears got blocked big time. It was so painful that thought I was going deaf.
But meal time helped a little. Cheryl paid for us in advance. Thanks for the treat!

When we touched down, his stepdad was there to pick us up. It was late at night by then, so we dropped by a mart, got some snacks and went to his apartment. I did not do much research on Taiwan, so I didn't know the marts don't provide plastic bags.

We have that papaya milk in SG too! My favourite!

The next morning we woke up really early.

Good morninggggg!

His stepdad brought us out nearby for our first breakfast there.

All smiley in the morning lol.


Carrot cake!

This is not our order portion by the way.

More sandwiches to-go.

Forgot what this is but it's good. Too hungry to take a proper photo lol.

After breakfast, he brought us to his other apartment at a more central area, where it's easier for us to go to more touristy places. He actually owns two units, side by side. So we stayed in one while he stayed in the unit next door.

Then, he dropped us off at Taipei 101 while he goes to work. We actually went there twice on our trip, but on both times the weather wasn't good for viewing so we did not go to the observatory. :(

Atas mall, where we did not buy anything haha.

On both times we went, the mall was really empty. Or was it because the mall is too big?

It was quite boring....

After just maybe 15mins, we left the mall and went to another trendier mall.

It rained almost everyday....

There are LOTS of cabs in Taipei. Never had any difficulties in getting a cab. And the drivers are all very friendly and chatty. And dress smartly.

The fiance was taking notes in his mind on the display ideas to apply back at work.

The toilet is damn clean and atas!

The only outfit I wore/brought over. I planned on wearing new clothes I bought over there. I brought a practically empty luggage.

We left the mall and walked around. We actually didn't have an itinerary, only planned on visiting night markets and Jay Chou's restaurant. So it was a very relaxing trip, we didn't even get pissed off that it was raining everyday, even if we had to walk a long way. If it was in SG, we would have been really grumpy lol.

We went to Taipei Underground Market.
Had lunch at a random Japanese restaurant. Seriously wasted this meal there! Disappointing!

Okay from here on I forgot the sequence so I will just post pictures with descriptions.

Superb 甜不辣 (tempura) below the apartment! We went there EVERYDAY. Very friendly owner who calls us 好朋友 (good friends) lol!


Don't remember what this is but seems like tauhway with riceballs.

Small portion of 卤肉饭 (braised meat rice) at another stall.
First time trying 铁蛋 (metal egg). It was okay, I can eat it but it's not my favourite. But somehow it's quite addictive. Very interesting texture. 

Gloomy weather. But it's cooling, of course better than SG!

Nice path which we will pass by when walking to the train station or Raohe Night Market.

Just a walk away from the apartment we were staying. Very convenient.

Surprisingly the toilet in the train station was very clean! The floor was totally dry. When I think of the toilets at Woodlands and Cityhall ah....

Train ticketing machine.

Their interesting ticket.

Another of my LOVE!!

Very nice fried snack at 西门丁 (Xi Men Ding).

西门丁 (Xi Men Ding).

Went in to check out the prices, around the same as SG. Started chatting with one of the salesgirl and I asked her why they have not changed their ambassador posters and standees lol. Because in SG, we have already changed to Brown Eyed Girls.

Met his stepdad for BBQ dinner! The staff grilled for us.

Got my hair trimmed and dyed at a salon near the apartment. The hairdresser and the school girl who helped to wash my hair are very friendly! The school girl put in a lot of effort in washing my hair and scratching my scalp and massaging my head, while happily chatting with me about my homeland lol. She said she came here before and was so shocked at how different our 7-11 is.

The friendly hairdresser.

New hair colour. The price was around the same as SG's.

What's he doing back there?!

Will continue in the next post!

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