Sunday, 4 May 2014

My 21st, his 25th.

Before I neglected my blog since 2011, I realised I said I would update on my 21st birthday but did not do so. Since I have not blogged in a long time, my upcoming posts would all be throwbacks haha.

So for my 21st & his 25th (yes we share the same birthday), we decided to book a chalet at Chevrons as he was still in NS and have discount for that. We didn't expect so many people to attend but somehow relatives also said they would attend. In the end, we received so many red packets that we made "profit" after paying for the chalet, food and decorations! Hahaha.

The chalet is clean and spacious, and has two floors, the sitting room, kitchen and a toilet at the first floor, bedroom and another toilet on the second floor. The environment outside was pretty too.

Pool right outside our chalet. But we did not use it.

You can look down to the sitting area or just close the curtains for privacy.

Little balcony at the bedroom.

Started decorating.

Buffet came.

Goodies but I had a terrible sorethroat so couldn't eat much. I choked on my first small bite because of my dry throat and coughed for like 5mins.

First friend who came early to help out.

This couple arrived next.

Selfies while waiting for the rest to arrive.

I was so slim back then... ;(

His NS friends.

My baby brother!

My friend seriously watched him grow up lol.

His secondary school friends.

My secondary school buddies.

My poly buddies.

My sec school buddies and poly buddies get along really well. Their first meeting. Lol!

Families not here yet but so crowded already lol.

His family came.

Little nephew.

His sis, bro-in-law and nephew.

His mum.

Friend I knew from a forum haha. Successful case of online friend becoming a good real-life friend.

My family was sitting outside in an unglam fashion lol.

My mummy doing the duck face lol.
Cakes are coming!!

My big two-tier cake from Icing Room.

His small cake from Icing Room as well haha.

Photo taking took a long time. They were saying it seemed more like engagement than birthday celebration hahaha.

My successful case of penpal becoming real life bestie on the left, successful case of forum friend becoming real life good friend on the right. Lol.

Soft toy from my aunt haha. I grow up already la 阿姨!

Part of family and friends.

My family.

Baby bro, older bro, sis-in-law, mummy, aunt.

His second sis, mum, nephew, eldest sis, stepbro.

After blowing out the candles, someone started shouting "KISS KISS KISS". Later, I found out that it was my mum. =.=

I was so embarrassed...

Cutting and distributing the cakes.

Don't know what I was so stunned at.

Keeping the leftovers lol.

After everyone left, Yishan, Kaya and KY stayed back for some childish actions.

Wah super power ah.

Running away.

It was so much fun. Thanks everyone for the memories. ^.^

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