Wednesday, 7 May 2014

乱乱来's Debut Launch Party!

We were invited to 乱乱来's debut launch party on Monday!!

One of the newest local band, consists of 5 members, 1 of whom is Indian. Special because they perform mandopop and cantopop! Full house at their launch party!

They performed other singers' songs like Jolin Tsai's Mr Q & Jay Chou's 霍元甲. Can even sing female songs superbly wtf. They're still working on their own songs. They've been performing together for some time before deciding to go official.

The lead singer, Desmond, was the fiance's classmate. He helped the band to design their cool band logo, tees for sale for fans, posters, etc.

Logo & tee designed by the fiance!

Desmond is also known as Show Luo's lookalike. Although I saw him quite a few times, I didn't think that he looks like Show, but that day he really looks like him! Haha.

He is also the one whom the fiance asked to help him to give me a surprise when I was still working in TonyMoly. He asked Desmond to buy a bouquet and deliver to my workplace at Raffles (very hard to find parking space haha). I was so shocked when I saw him running to me and passed me a bouquet then quickly ran off. Almost tio parking ticket. Such a good friend to do a last minute favour for the fiance. ^.^ Thank you!

My first time seeing the rest of the band but only got introduced to Jayden because his friends sat near our table. Gave me big bows and called me 大嫂 because the fiance is older than him lol. Heard that he was one of the top singers in a Taiwanese singing competition but he dropped out because his dad passed away. :( He specially learnt bass for the band! Weiliang (Lobang King) also dropped by. He's one of Desmond's best friends. I'm sure you don't know but Desmond was also in Ah Boys to Men Part 1. But small part only haha.

White: Prakash (keyboard & guitar). Blue: Joe (drummer). Red: Desmond (lead singer). Orange: XiaoFu (guitar & background vocals). Yellow: Jayden (bass & background vocals).

With other performers from their company after the party. Still looking energetic after performing and jumping for an hour.

Support our new local rock band! Can't wait to watch their performance again on Mondays!



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