Thursday, 26 August 2010


After watching a few Japanese manicure vids on Youtube, I immediately searched to see which online shops sell spangles. It's somewhat like glitter la, but there's two shapes - circle and hexagon. There's also different sizes. Without difficulty, I found what I wanted on NailSG. They have both circle and hexagon ones.

My first buys on NailSG:

Super nice right! Haha, my manicure & nail art collection is growing rapidly lor. The box that I use to keep all my polishes and nail art stuff is spoilt already, gotta get a new one. >.<>

Although I set off to look for spangles, I bought other stuff from NailSG too. SO HARD TO CONTROL CAN, there's a wide variety of polishes and stuff! The sidebar so freaking long, so many options lor. The best thing is that majority of the stuffs are instocks! *Grins x 100* So waiting time is only for postage!

So...once again, itchy hands ordered:

It's the first time I heard of the brand Zoya. Don't think it's common in SG, everywhere only OPI and ORLY lor. Looked through the website for all the colours they have. I realised that they play more with glimmers and duochrome. Oh yes, one thing that I REALLY like about Zoya's website is that for each polish, the intensity of the colour is rated 1-5. Sometimes really very pekchek one, I buy one polish which the colour looks very solid and concentrated, but when I apply, it's super sheer lor! -.-"

I've created 2 simple manicures (which makes real nails look like extensions haha).

For Manicure Look #1, which I did for myself, I used:
- Cheapo base and top coat haha;
- Zoya LA Pop;
- PA gold polish [I don't know the name];
- Translucent Pearl "Disco Ball" spangles;
- Small Gold Hexagon spangles.

Step 1: Apply two coats of Zoya LA Pop after base coat.

Step 2: Apply one coat of the PA gold polish to the top 1/3 of nails.

Step 3: Apply a little top coat on nail, to paste the transparent disco ball spangles on randomly.

Step 4: Paste on the small gold hexagon spangles on randomly.

Step 5: Top coat, and you're done!

For Manicure Look #2, thanks to Meizhen for lending me her nails, I used:
- Cheapo base and top coat once again;
- Zoya LA Pop;
- The Face Shop PP406;
- Small Purple Hexagon spangles;
- Translucent Pearl "Disco Ball" spangles;
- Pink "Disco Ball" spangles.
Step 1: Apply one layer of Zoya LA Pop after base coat.

Step 2: Apply one coat of The Face Shop PP406 to top 1/3 of nails. Don't have to be neat or even, it only acts as a base colour and will be covered later.

Step 3: Remove excess polish from top coat brush and dip into small purple hexagon spangles. Brush onto the top 1/3 of nails to cover the purple polish.

Step 4: Apply a little top coat, then stick on the transparent & pink disco ball spangles randomly.

Step 5: Top coat and you're done!

Off to look for stuff to order from NailSG again haha! Bye!


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