Saturday, 24 July 2010


I've got a new hobby!

If you're in my Facebook contacts, you should know haha. I've been photoshopping friends into dolls! Fine, some don't look like dolls but perhaps they can fall under caricature? ~.~

I'll post up the pics soon perhaps. The album is names 'Dolly/Caricature Friends'. View it at my Facebook, but you gotta add me first to view them haha. 'Like' my album if you want me to photoshop your photo. ^^

I still remember my previous photoshopping hobby was to turn guys into girls haha. It's more challenging than turning them into dolls... My fav person to turn into a girl is Jaejoong, cuz it's easier as he DOES look like a girl HAHA.

Talking about DBSK...sigh. I'm still damn sad can. Really hope all the lawsuits etc will be over soon, and DBSK will be back together. Always keep the faith, we won't forget.

More camwhore pics. It's just the tip of the iceberg.

I'm proud of this romantic statement I came up randomly haha! Quite good lor, considering I'm not a very romantic person. Lol.

I feel warm despite the cold weather now cuz i'm thinking of you.


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