Tuesday, 20 July 2010

New Favourite Blogs

Guess what I'm doing now, at 2.20am?

Usually I'll be gaming, or reading books or chatting with friends. But not tonight, cuz...

I've got new fav blogs to read! BWAHAHHAA.

I think that interesting and nice blogs are so hard to find. Pretty girls or handsome guys are usually one of the reasons why readers always go back to their blogs. Other than Xiaxue's, and a few friends' blogs, I don't bother reading others cuz very seldom I find any that I like.

The two new favs of mine are:


Why do I like Silver's?

When I first saw her in Your Hand in Mine (previous 7pm drama on Channel 8), I really dislike her cuz of her role. I found her really familiar but I couldn't put a place to where did I see her before.

Then, I just happened to chance upon her blog, I forgot how. Her name was so familiar too. But I still didn't like her.

Then I read her blog...page after page. And I realised, hey, this girl isn't as bad as I thought she'd be. ^^ Well, it means that she did a very good job to make me dislike her that much haha.

I like that she puts effort in typing her entries (unlike me now), and she isn't afraid to post photos of her without make-up (that's what I've prepared a few days ago HAHA so watch this space), and she's invited to many stores and introduces to her readers.

So yup, she's not that bad la! Haha.

Why do I like QiuQiu's?

First off, she isn't afraid of what others say, and her style of writing is candid and funny. She's so pretty, and she isn't afraid of putting up photos of her face without make-up. But she looks great anyways lol.

She posts pictures of her items she bought cheaply, which kinda 'comforts' those who also uses cheap stuffs and let them know they're not alone. Also informs readers that not all girls nowadays are materialistic.

Totally love her header too, so pretty la omg. I'm so tempted to create my own's and get rid of Avril Lavigne (not sure if it's her but it looks like her lol), whom I don't really like THAT much anyways. -.-"

I've got a really lousy blog as compared to so many others. I'm only posting mostly camwhore pics (which aren't of good quality) and so little writings. Not that I'm so lazy, but that my life is:



Maybe I should leave this blog and go to my Multiply account which has been rotting for more than a year. More suitable for those with loads of photos. Or maybe I should stop camwhoring THIS MUCH. But I prefer the domain onsugar.com leh. How? Tell me, tell me~

Thought of creating my own hair & make-up vids (inspired cuz I kept watching vids on Youtube haha). Oh wells. Will get to it soon. Though I'm not very good at it, but at least it'll be more suitable for others who're around my standard? Haha.

Almost forgot, bought lettuce today! Squeezed orange juice, and tadah! Super healthy snack which helps to minus calories in you! Just rinse the lettuce and tear/cut into small pieces. Dip into orange juice and eat. Haha, shared with Dear today.

Lettuce is one of the negative-calorie food. Negative-calorie means that you use up more energy in digesting the food than the calories the food contain. Eg, the food has 100 calorie in total. After you consume, your body uses 140 calorie to digest the food. So, you lose (140-100=) 40 calories!!!!!


It's like, a natural miraculous food that helps you to lose weight haha! Eat it everyday so that you can see the effect quickly. The list of negative-calorie food include broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, onion, garlic, lettuce, beetroot, etc. Just go search for the complete list. :)

Really can't wait to meet Ryan & Huizhi later! One of the days I'm more free haha. Sorry Melody. I'll meet you next time, I'll call you! (^~^) Gosh I'm sooooo soooo excited cuz I haven't catch up with them for a long long time. WE SHALL TAKE LOADS OF PHOTOSSSSS! Heheheh.

Another reason I'm so excited is cuz I get to make-up and doll-up haha. Have watched so many vids that I wanna try them all. I'm so irritated with my eyes. Damn. I've got hidden double eyelids, so when I open my eyes, it looks like monolids. Grrr. These kinda eyes are so hard to work with. Bought double eyelid glue but fail la, when I tried to create them. When I apply colours or eyeliner at my lashline or a little above, I open my eyes and they're gone. Like totally, can't even see a bit. That's why I always apply smokey make-up. It makes my eyes look bigger too.

Colours? I mix them with my smokey eye make-up haha. I apply primer, eye shadow base sometimes, then two shades and blend, then my eyeliner for smokey effect. Guess that's the only way I can make my small eyes look nice and bigger LOL. I shall attempt the eyelid glue again!

I used to use double eyelid stickers ages ago, but I couldn't seem to pull the look off. Looks so weird, so I ended up giving the whole pack to my friend haha. Considering whether to get it to try again. I'm kinda despo already la. Also considering double eyelid surgery (which my mum did like 20+ years ago, man) and eye surgery to make my eyes bigger. But that shall be a few years down the road when I'm financially stable haha, I'm still a poor student now.


Show you, super pretty and funky la! If I succeed, I shall post a vid about it. :D

To end off (going to play games then go to sleep haha),

Jokwon's The Day I Confessed. This song's totally moving. That is, if you follow Jokwon & Ga-In in We Got Married. Else, do watch! Highly recommended by me.

And I saw this at QiuQiu's blog.

Not forgetting some of my crappy quality camwhore pics hahaha.

Peace-off. :)


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