Monday, 19 April 2010

Happy events...Sad events...

Happy Birthday to my primary school buddy - Emily! Hope you enjoyed celebrating it babe. Next year this day, you'll be 21! Bwahahhaha!

If you don't know, Emily's been learning singing for quite sometime already. She has entered the XinYao 2010 singing competition! Woohoo!

Here's her recent work done, an MV. I've always wanted to be in an MV haha cuz it seems so fun! LOL. Watch the 2nd vid below, it confirmed my suspicion of it being fun. ^^

And it's MiaShin's 4years 3months on 17th April 2010. ^^
But didn't celebrate it cuz we went to the hospital to visit his mum.

Things aren't very good these few days. It's all illness and death. :(

Dear's mum went for an op, my grandma's in ICU, and my friend's mum passed away.


Really hope she can be strong about it. Really hoping for the best. Really hoping things can improve. T.T

Oh, and I've just gotten....BANGS OMGGGGG!

I so wanna kill that chinaman who cut it, cuz he didn't cut properly! Had to trim again at home. I should have cut my fringe myself, it seems that I have more experience and skill than him. Pui.

Not first time, but somehow this time I can't carry off this look. Booooo. I think cuz my face was rounder before, now's thinner so it doesn't look nice. Sigh.

Oh yes, if I haven't said it - GO WATCH DATE NIGHT!

It's muthafreaking funny! HILARIOUS! I think it's the best comedy ever - not exaggerating!


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