Monday, 5 April 2010

Made my first bento!

Bento making session with Esther & Fiona at Fiona's place!

I've always thought of makng a bento for Dear, but whenever I see pictures of bentos, I feel encouraged AND discouraged lol. Cuz they look soooo pretty, and also look soooo hard to prepare! That's why I've never got around to making one.

Then...Esther made one! So I asked her if we could have a session so that I can finally get to create one haha.

Went to buy ingredients, had lunch then started with the job! So lame, we almost forgot to cook the rice. -.-"

So proud that I deshelled the prawns haha, cuz they didn't wanna do it! I don't find it gross, just didn't like how my fingers(nails) reek of the prawny smell. Yuck.

Fiona keep snatching the frying job lor! Hmpf!

Here's how my bento looks like. I was cramming so many stuff in the box till there wasn't space to put the 'grass' decorations at the sides haha.

And here's Fiona's & Esther's!

It took quite a lot of work. But it's easy to prepare small portions, unlike making a meal for the whole family or something haha. Maybe you'd wanna give it a try too?

*Pics taken from Esther's blog. :) I didn't take any pics of my own, was relying on her cam haha.


Warning: Loads of camwhore pics ahead.

Dear's mum's parrot known as Nemo/Onglai. Haha. She knows how to DANCE!

McSpicy is so big la!

See my new long hair. LOL.

My purple-pinky new lenses. Please ignore my almost bare eyelids haha, can't wait for my eyelashes to regrow!

Bulanden & Pepper.

Dear & I.

Recent manicures I did. The blue one is the one I'm having now. A sudden inspiration lol.

Latest favourite bracelet.

The exterior of a card I made for Dear on the day he got his driving license. (^~^)

Finally tried Eighteen Chefs for the first time! Quite good, and SUPER filling.

Gotten 2 jelly lenses recently - 1 polaroid and 1 sparkle. This is how the sparkle one looks like, best results when taken at night.


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