Thursday, 25 March 2010

Rebecca's 21st

Rebecca's 21st @ Meritus Mandarin Hotel.

First time seeing a real pinata, have always seen in cartoons and sitcoms. It has a huge printed USD note on the other side, didn't manage to take a pic of it.

Birthday girl. My face look so big compared to hers. :(

We played this 'shots' game. Throw the die (I forgot if it's a die or a ball lol) on the roulette-like thingy, and see which number did it stop at. If it stops at number 3, then you gotta drink Cup 3. Some of the cups contain normal drinks like soft drinks, but some contains super super gross liquid stuff. I drank mine and I almost puked. It's super sour and has a hint of alcohol. I think they added salad dressing, a cherry tomato (which I stupidly ate and made me feel more like puking), alcohol, soy sauce, ........

Cake time. ^^

On the way home.

Yvonne took this pic of me & FY lol.


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