Friday, 12 March 2010


Updated (pics) again! @ 12:09am.



Some vids to share with you guys.

Shinee sings Gee by SNSD! I find 2:04 very funny lor.

Shin Bong Sun dancing with B2st for the song Change, by Hyuna & Jun Hyung. She looks very scary, like a gorilla. >.<

How would you feel if you're in that guy's shoes?


Makan! Heh.





Sky in a weird blue.

"Bershka" spelled wrongly at Ion!

Pasted upside down haha.

Mini Monopoly SG Edition. Bulanden bought for $4 in school. See the pics, no wonder so cheap.

Playing with emboss effect on phone.

For Yvonne...

For Jess...

For Cheryl...

Mine! Love gold more and more la! Used to dislike gold cuz it seems like a very 'auntie' colour.

But I still like metallic grey/silver the most!

E35J kiddos. :)

I can stay in a pet shop for hours LOL.
Wooly guinea pigs!

Lionhead Lops! But they're sold already. :(

These adult gerbils are also sold already. :(

My eyelash extension!


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