Monday, 8 March 2010

Hard Rock Hotel, Friends over

Jess & Luvina came over to my place the other day, main purpose? To see Pepper! LOL! But helped them manicure anyway. Jess's 2nd manicure in her life! I'm so honoured to help her with her first and second manicure HAHA.


Some pics with them. They're nice, I wonder why we didn't talk before! Only when school ended, we were closer with each other. >.<

Previously @ Mcdonald's.

Jess's manicure. Luvina also helped a little heh. This design is super vintage Chinese lor haha cuz of the colour and the flowery stickers.

This's Luvina's, I helped her manicure the same design as mine!

Pepperrrrr. Jess couldn't stop complimenting Pepper for being so cute LOL.


On the first day of CNY, after finishing visiting at Dear's family side, we were supposed to go over to my relatives' place for visiting. But, we went to look around at the new IR first! Spontaneous decision of his daddy's haha.

The place is super big & nice! And OMG there's a Victoria's Secret outlet there! But didn't have the chance to go in and take a look. The whole IR place is very classy and beautiful.

And...another spontaneous decision...his daddy & mum checked in the 'Hard Rock Hotel'! O.O

The room was kinda small, but I like the decor. It's like, funky. Very different from other hotels as this one is a themed hotel. It's about $500/night. But the bad thing is, it is not sound proof! Whatever sounds are inside the room, they can be heard clearly OUTSIDE the room. =.=" I thought sound proof is one of the must-haves for hotels?

Anyway, took pics of the IR and the hotel room.

Didn't manage to take much pics of the place as I was too busy gawping and observing the place haha. Shockingly, there were quite a number of Bangladeshis outside the buildings.

In Hard Rock Hotel's lift going to check out the room! Even the lift is super nice. Super bling!

Stepped out of the lift...

Outside the room...

The room!
Emergency fire escape route HAHA.

The TV greeting you with your name in it when on! Cool la, like big boss like that.

The toilet, HAS NO DOORS! O.O
When you wanna enter it, there's no doors to open. The toilet bowl is at the end of the toilet, and there's a heavy opaque glass door to push/pull open. I forgot about the shower though.
The design and items are so unique.

Then, not forgetting to camwhore! The lights in the toilet is good for camwhoring LOL. Can see some of my retarded expressions.

Okay that's all for now, still have more pics to upload. Gotta get some sleep, going to Fiona's place to make bento, Esther's coming too. :D Can't wait!


*Hope everything really will turn out fine...not referring specifically to the making of bento.


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