Thursday, 4 March 2010

Rant...then selfies.

I seriously don't know why you don't like me. If it's because of my family, you have to get it straight - I can't choose who to be my family members and who not to be. It's really quite stupid to judge someone cuz of their family. For example, can't bad parents produce children who are kind and diligent and blah blah blah? And I don't believe all good parents manage to produce good children. Well, most people who comes from broken families or has family problems told me that they WANT to be good parents so their children don't have to suffer like how they did.

It's been 4 years! Hello~ Missy? Eh no, it's 'Madam'. Or do you dislike me because I'm not from China, LIKE YOU?? Nope I don't have a very good impression of China ladies (except few who are really very nice) and I certainly classify you under those I don't like. You judge others, then don't be afraid of others judging you. Come on, you even backstabbed your relatives. Boo.

I think other Christians should be ashamed of you. I haven't done anything wrongful to you! I didn't do anything to you! At the start, you treated me nicely. Then you got your fellow China housewives to spy on me and my family. Then suddenly treat me as some kinda vermin. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU. 

Pushing those aside, more pics to hang your com! Let's see...

Recent manicures I I'm lazy to manicure already haha! Just apply base coat & nail strengthener to protect my nails.

This blue one is a failure. Fugly.

I wanted to match my phone heh. See my newly-blinged phone.

Tested polish colours on Yvonne's nails haha.

Some manicure stuffs I bought online. This whole pack costs only $12.90.

Memories of staying back late in campus, staying over at their places, meeting up for FYP, etc. Don't know whether to feel happy that turmoil is over, or feel sad that I have very few chances to see the girls in the future.

My balloon stuck uppppp there. :( But luckily it didn't burst hahahhaaaa.

Camwhore, you ho! *ahem*

With Dear.


I miss this pink stars lenses. :( One side got torn a little. Damn sad lah!

& I just threw away this GEO Nudy Quarter Brown. I prefer the grey one. I don't like it that my lashes can't stay curled after mascara! & I don't dare to use the heated eyelash curler. So I tried eyelash extension, pic up next time.

Dear & I wearing GEO's Fresh Grey.

The super cute Lionhead Lops which were just sold. :( Used to always go to the petshop just to see them. T.T

Cheryl's Miaomiao enoying the scenery out there haha.

Shopping hauls from one of the days quite long ago.

The colour I got after using Liese's Ash Brown. It looks less ashy in here.

Ending off with some vids of songs I'm obsessed with. ^^


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