Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Auntz Cheryl's 20th Birthdayyyy!

Firstly, thanks Piinkcess once again haha, for including me in the top 11 blogs you like. ^^

Been long since my last post! So...more pics for you guys haha, sorry to hang your com. At least after I changed blogskin, there's no sudden playing of music.

17th Jan 2010 was our 4th year anniversary! But pics will be posted next time. In this post, I'm uploading pics which are due longgggg ago - Auntz Cheryl's birthday.

And...there's plenty of my unglam pics again. :( Can't understand why Emily likes her unglam pics LOL. Funny la you Em!

Sooo...for Cheryl's birthday, we went to Fish&Co @ AMK Hub. I didn't know that Fish&Co provides this little 'birthday celebration'. The staff will give the birthday boy/girl a sparkler (I don't know what's it called - it's the stick whereby you light the tip with fire and sparks will appear), and ask him/her to stand up on the chair. The staff will then 'perform' their Fish&Co birthday song LOUDLY. Haha. Then the birthday person gets a free scoop of ice-cream.

If you want your friend to have a paiseh birthday, bring him/her to Fish&Co!

In cab on the way to AMK!

This looks SO yummy!

Deb & I.

Birthday Auntz haha.

Yvonne looking like Sadako. I think Sadako's her idol lol.

Waiting waiting waiting for fooood.

Playing with Deb's SLR.


She's ignoring me lol.

Candid Deb.

Food is here!
Oh yes, if you go to Fish&Co, ask for the Lemon+Butter sauce! Introduced by Yvonne haha. There's also Lemon+Butter+Garlic sauce, but I don't find it as nice as the Lemon+Butter one.

Cheryl & her free ice-cream.

She feeds us with LOVE hahaha.

Billing time.

Hope you enjoyed your birthday, Auntz Cheryl!

I've just realised that I didn't watermark this series. Lol never mind, too lazy to do it. Hah.

More pics coming up! They're like never-ending. *strangle self*


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