Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Creative Concepts class, nephew Kegan.

E35J! Creative Concepts. Damn I missed 3 lessons already. Always oversleep and late cuz still not used to the timing.

Look at this 25YO classmate haha.


Our team's product.


Nay Win.

Angela & I.


Angela act cute. ^^


Kegan! So cuteeeee.

I put a bear in his hoodie.

Dear: Come, uncle bring you go walk walk.
Kegan: You sure you not selling me away??

Kegan: Okay la I think can trust you.

Kegan: Woooo so high!

Kegan: Byebye mummy!

Kegan: You know how to carry me properly or not...

Kegan: Aiyohhh.

Dear: Aiyoh then you walk yourself la.

Dear: See la, walk awhile your legs no strength already. Carry you la.

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