Sunday, 29 November 2009

Out with Emily & FY!

Went out with Em & FY, finally!

Was supposed to meet Em first at Far East at 2pm, but we ended up pushing it back to 3.30pm cuz we couldn't make it on time LOL. FY had piano lessons so he met us after that at 6pm+. Grrrrr, he was late lor! At first he said he'll reach at 5pm+. In the end, Em & I sat and rot cuz Far East is boring and she bought her stuff so quickly.

So bored, so we camwhored!

Pretty pretty girl! Haha!

Boarded the bus which FY is on, then we headed to Cine!
For dinner...treated by FY HAHA! I heard the total came up to $40+. He's always spending much on us when we meet up heeeee. But feel kinda bad about it too. Sometimes.

Food arrived! Busy taking pics of the food before we devour them.

FY's Lychee Tea & my cherry drink. Forgot the name.

I mixed in the ice cream and ate the cherry. Weirdly it still tastes diluted. I only like the cherry and the small pieces of cherry in the drink.

Em's strawberry milk ice. Not nice!

FY posing with his drink LOL!!

We asked him to pose again haha. He has to entertain us cuz he made us wait for so long.

We kept snapping away at him to collect his unglam pics muahaha. Which we used to blackmail him to take neoprints with us after dinner. ^^

Em loves his expression here haha.

Waiting for his Mushroom Cheese Baked Rice...

...and it's here.

Em's strawberry milk ice took the shape of a very ugly volcano. Which resembles something else too.


Our Black Pepper Beef Baked Rice came.

FY keep insisting on being the photographer for us. But his photography skills really can't make it hahahhaa. Censored those which are really ugly. >.<

So we did it ourselves LOL.

Neoprint after that! It seems that we always take neoprints when we meet up. But this time, we had a hard time getting FY to take with us cuz he was having a bad hair day. He paid for it too. =.="
I don't look nice. :( But Em looks nice there!

Pics after neoprint.
This first pic is super ugly lor. >.<

In the end I didn't get the white dress which I like, at Far East. :( The auntie is damn scary! She's like forcing me to buy lor. But she thought I'm Japanese, so, forgiven!

Camwhored when I reached home.

YOU! You'd better join us for the next outing! MUAHAHHAHA.

Some randoming to do.

The Taiwan lenses L bought for me! Thank youuu! I wore the green one on the day I met up with Em & FY. Looks like GEO's Nudy Quarter, but super nice la! But it only lasts for a week. :(

My new phone!

is not a real phone HAHA.

Something you can find in school library. Doesn't read as something proper ahem.

That's all for tonight! More pics to be uploaded. x.x


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