Sunday, 29 November 2009

Kegan's 1st Birthday!

It was the 17th!

Which is MiaShin's anniversary!
Kegan's 1st Birthday!


Dear & I went over to Joyce Jie's place that night to stayover, to help with the decors. Didn't take many pics though.

Waited for Joyce & family at their void deck haha, where we had a free show of 1 cat climbing tree then came down to shit, 2 cats fighting with 1 gigantic cat interfering, & an uncle disturbing 1 of the cats using his remote controlled toy car. =.="

Then we camwhored haha.

Then camwhored again in Joyce's place hahaaaa.

Beautiful teeth LOLLL.

Ah Rav.

Kegan's birthday! Played with his toys in the morning haha. My fav out of all! This hammer makes a "toioioioink" sound when used to hit something.

Lucky baby! Has tonssss of toys!

Banner for Kegan!

Buffet! ^^

Some of the balloons we prepared that morning. Balloon air is used, not helium cuz it's dangerous.

Cut cake!


Some other pics. :)

I look super young here LOL.

First time trying this sorethroat lozenges, cuz Strepsils don't work for me. It's either this brand works, or my throat was more cooperative.


Joke of the day. It's from one of the stuffs I bought online.

My super delicious supper. Finished everything. ^^

Violence when eating ice cream. They just kept snapping when I try to scoop the ice cream. =.="

Lunch I prepared for Dear & I. Nice lehhhh, just that it looks really crappy in pics.

Little cutesy.

Belated Halloween. Muahahahaha. We look scary.


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