Sunday, 2 August 2009

Watched Harry Potter twice :D

I have just reached home from catching Harry Potter at 11.20pm at Lot One, with Dear. Ended around 2am. It is the 2nd time I watched it! We went to the wrong theatre! LOL. In the end, I missed more than the 10mins which I missed the 1st time round. Ahhhh. Oh and before that, we climbed the bloody stairs up to the 5th floor of Lot One, cuz the damned door was closed. So, up the stairs for 5 levels, down the stairs back to level 1, walked once around the mall, then we found the entrance. Humph.

The 1st time was with Von, Cheryl & Deb, at Cine. We missed the first 10mins cuz Yvo and Cheryl were late. >.<

The crowd at Lot One were very quiet lor, except for the guy sitting behind us. Keep muttering. Slap him ah. Actually there were quite a few funny scenes, but the audience didn't laugh! I was the only madhatter there. Before the scene where the hand suddenly popped out of the water, I warned Dear first haha, but he still jerked. LOL. The 1st time I watched that part, I jumped and screamed!! LOL!! I thought I didn't cry out so loud, then Cheryl told me actually it was quite loud. So paiseh. The audience just now didn't even cry out or screamed, they only jumped. Then I was laughing away, couldn't stop cuz I was happy I'm the only one who wasn't scared hahaha.

The audience at Cine was made more noises - like laughing during the funny scenes, people crying loudly and searching for their tissues when Dumbledore died, etc. But the audience at Lot One like zombies, no sounds at all. =.=" Maybe cuz they are older la. Haha.

Today I had to get up quite early for a Saturday, cuz I had to get to the post office before it closed at 1pm. After posting the stuffs, I went to the library cuz I suddenly found out that I have a library card! My IC was banned, can't use it to borrow cuz I lost my ez-link card once back then in Sec 2, then I think someone used it to borrow books and didn't return. -.-" But I only got it cancelled recently, and I thought I didn't have a library card so I couldn't borrow.

Stayed in the library for around one and a half hour. But all the while I was standing and walking around. I didn't sit even for a second! LOL. Was too engrossed in searching for exciting horror books but there weren't almost none of them seemed scary or interesting enough la. I found a book which listed all the horror books, ranging from gore, to horror erotic, to disturbing, etc etc. But those I wanted weren't available in the library. Damn. I still couldn't get Small Favor from the Dresden Files lor. Searched for it for super super long already. Aarrrgg!

In the end I borrowed 2 fiction books on vampires, 1 by Haruki Murakami, and 1 for Bulanden. Then I went home to wait for Darling.

Went to his place after he reached home, and bought dinner for him. Which reminds me I only had 1 meal today! Gosh! Anyway, I think I'm a really good gf hahahaha, cuz I helped with his super super super uber uber uber smelly clothes and other stuffs cuz he had field camp this week. Super smelly I tell you, I almost puked when I smelt them. And I helped to wash although my thumb and feet had open wounds. Not very painful but felt very gross, itchy and uncomfy.

Proudly showed off my new wallet to him. Muahahaha. So proud of myself cuz i anyhow matched my clothes but ended up to be very nice! Shall upload pics soon. Prepare for another blast cuz I have another 100+ pics to upload.


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