Thursday, 27 August 2009


I have a fear...of marriage. Sad plots and storylines in book, tv shows and movies aren't helping. Happily ever after stories are just fantasies.

My parents didn't have a happy marriage.

Suddenly, I don't believe in forever after.

Fairytales are simply overrated. Those are just lies to kids, to make them think that such happiness exists, that such love exists.

Marriage is a lifetime thing. But how often does it last a lifetime? How often marriages are actually successful? How many feel genuinely happy throughout?

How many of you said, "I love you forever"? And how many of you actually think that way towards the same partner, forever?

What's forever?

Disappointment is, perhaps, the most hated feeling. The feeling of being let down. The feeling of a broken promise.

Everytime I know of true stories of really touching couples, I get teary. Everytime I see elderly couples holding hands, strolling, bringing their grandchildren, I feel really really happy for them, and sad for those who have failed marriages. It is really something to treasure, to cherish.

My friend told me she almost got married. She had already bought an apartment together with her ex-boyfriend. ROM was done. The next step was marriage. Luckily before marriage, she found out his true colours. He was caught red-handed with another lady, right in the apartment which was meant for their happy marriage.


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