Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Loser Keyboard Warrior.

Hey the Kiddo who has gave himself/herself dumb names like "****er" and "you look like prostitute". Aren't you happy and feeling excited that I am actually writing this entry just for you? Feel honored right! Congrats on being the 2nd lameshit spammer who has nothing better to do but to just show how much you hate others and scold them just to make yourself feel better.

Are you very good-looking? Send me your pics! Then I see if you also look like a whore or a gigolo. Don't be shy.

I still can't understand why this kinda people take the time to show how much they hate someone, is it cuz the person you hate is that important to you that you have to spend that few seconds or minutes or days or worse, years, on him/her? LOL. You sure are very free eh. And I think you have no brains at all cuz I can always ban you, or just simply remove my tagboard, but I won't because you are not important to me that I have to remove my tagboard.

I won't delete your tags cuz I wanna show others what a damn loser keyboard warrior you are. Hiding behind the computer and spamming others. See what people think of you.

Oh, and just your statement of "All the RP students are whores" is enough for all Republicans to condemn you. Every student spit on you, you will drown! LOL. Come on, leave your name and details here so I know who are you, oh and do you mind explaining why you hate me or Republic students so much? Is it cuz a Republican once cheated on you? Or what? Don't you have friends studying in RP? Or you don't even have friends? Gosh what a poor thing you are. Ahh well, you can always go to social networks and make online friends! It doesn't hurt, does it.

Why are you so excited if I am a virgin or not? Because you are gonna remain as a virgin forever or what? Hmmm.

You can always view my blog to see how I am faring, if you really care so much. :)

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