Thursday, 30 July 2009

Selfies & Rant.

Hi people!

Has been quite awhile since my last entry. I have many pics to share! HAHA. Prepare your coms/laptops to hang! Be sure to tape their eyes so their eyeballs won't pop out okay.

See! I have large pics again!

I used to use the default Blogger uploader...until I reached the limit.
Then I changed to Photobucket...not long later, bandwidth exceeds.
Then I use Phlook...I like the functions, but it lags and jams the com.
Then I use Imageshack...very convenient in uploading the pics, but ended up sooo small, couldn't change it.

So here comes Flickr! Thanks to Esther. Haha. Still figuring out how to use it.

Picture 002
Picture 004
Picture 008

For today, I shall only upload these pics of myself muahahaha. The others I shall upload slowly tmr onwards. Flickr is kinda troublesome to use cuz cannot upload all at one click like Imageshack. >.<

Looking forward to next Wed! Cuz there's dinner with the CD people! Haha love them so much, cuz it's very fun to disturb them. Lol.

I'm taking Creative Concepts next semester for FCM. Wow, it's our last semester before graduating! 3 years pass so fast! Hopefully I can clear everything and don't have to go through more semesters when fellow course mates graduate. *Stress*

Yesterday (Wed) was our G301 (1st FYP) assessment day! Oral Defense! We were so darn headaching before it started lor. All our accessors are those 'shooters'.

See, there's Gan Su Lin (Director of our school, and is also Research Method Lecturer siao), Chris (Research Methods PHD siao), Leah & Angel (always ask alot qns), and Adrian (FYP incharge).

Machiam COMBO HIT SIA. Hahahaha. But I think our team is still the craziest, cuz we also kept laughing during the assessment, and even had time to sit together and have a mini-crazy-meeting. LOL. BRAZ should stop calling for customers like a hooker at the door. Now she has a new favourite action. She even asked the others who stood at the doors if they felt like hookers and gigolos calling for customers. =.="

Okay I shall go bathe then go sleep already. I am feeling so tired after all the crazy hypering for no reason in class today. Super no image! Don't know why couldn't stop all my nonsense hahaha, right darling hubby Maisarah? ^^

OHYES I wanna complain about SMRT first! Today after school, I went to AMK to meet a customer. Then when going back home, I boarded the train without realising it terminates at Yishun. Then never mind, cuz kinda used to it already, but I really don't understand why it alwaysssss terminates. Somemore peak hour leh. Dumb.

So I alighted at Yishun with many others, waiting for the next train. When the it came, it was sooo crowded. I let the others board this train cuz I didn't mind waiting for another one. So this train left.

When the next one came, it was terminating at Yishun again. Wth, I was feeling frustrated already. Was carrying heavy stuffs and had to face the stupid hot sun. I think many of my skin cells died just now.

The 3rd train came. Too crowded. The people (esp aunties) squeezed into the train even though all the way I was standing near the train doors. They simply just push people away and boarded themselves. Then I saw Ms Kang! Yes, Ms Nancy Kang (Nani's favourite teacher) who taught at Westspring then TWS! I stunned! Luckily she couldn't recognise me, otherwise sure...don't have to go home already. Haha.

4th train came...terminate.

Finally boarded the 5th train. By then my whole body cramping already la! Still had to go squeeze with other strangers. Was soooo pissed when dumb aunties keep forcing their bodies into the train when there is totally no space at all. Arrrrrghhhh!!!

Okay finished complaining. Going bathe then sleep now. More pics tmr. Bye.


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