Saturday, 18 April 2009

Damn, I've got tons to blog (actually have been writing in my notebook instead of blogging), & have tons of pics to upload. ;( Very no motivation to blog la! I'm still pondering on whether to continue using Phlook for uploading my pics or not, cuz it seems to be the thing that's making my blog really really lag. Takes don't know how long to load, & slows down the whole com. Hmm.

Life's been kinda boring... Quite peaceful though, can be considered as a positive thing too. But what's making it reallyyyy bad is that, I'm starting Year 3 on this Monday (20th April). & I can't log into my school's website, so I can't check which class I'm in, who're my new classmates, who's my facis. :(:(:( Damnit, screwing up on the first day! & 2 meetings on that day.

On a happier note,
Happy 3years 3months Dear! Loveya sooooo much... I can't bear to think of that day..which is coming closer & closer...the day you get enlisted. Should be somewhere in June-Aug. I think I'll be so moody all the way till you ORD lor. Aiyoh so corny. Haha. But it's all true okay!

I still want a new blogskin. But I'm too lazy to do it. So troublesome! Anyone can help me with it???

Oh, & please continue to support FashionKisser alright! :)


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