Thursday, 30 April 2009

29th April 2009

Couldn't make it for FYP meeting today. :( Seems like I missed out alot of things.. Have to catch up! So sian la, Wed is supposedly 'off-day', but now, gotta go back to school every Wed for FYP. Ahhhhh! Earlier than school time somemore!

Went to Bugis today with Dear, cuz had to collect alot of stocks. Just after I finished getting ready to go out, it rained heavily. Aarg. So I went down to the bus stop to hail a cab. After around 5-10 minutes I finally got one. But the driver like quite scary sia. He looks about 25-30 years old, chinese. I told him to go straight to the next street cuz gotta pick up Dear, then Bugis after that. I know that it's raining very heavily, but did he have to drive soooo slowly at, 30km/hr?! It was kinda awkward while we were waiting for Dear.

After Dear got into the cab, we're off to Bugis. Umm. But after around 10-15 minutes, the driver stopped the car at the side of don't know which expressway. Then he sat there stoning for awhile! Scary la! And all the while, his highest speed was 50km/hr. All the other cars were taking over so quickly lor, even though the rain was still very heavy.

Dear and I stun, didn't know what he was doing. I almost wanted to ask the driver, then he suddenly turned halfway and asked super softly, "How to go to Bugis?"


After driving for so long you tell us you don't know how to go to Bugis. We don't even know where we were! He got the car moving again (at 30km/hr...). THEN HE LAUGH TO HIMSELF! What in the world was he laughing at! He wasn't on the phone, wasn't talking to us or anything! Then he kept laughing to himself lor! Crazy! So scary sia, like some psychotic serial killer.

We got into the cab at about 10.45am. What time did we reach Bugis? 12pm! But weirdly, the fare is only $15. When we finally reach Bugis, he stopped the car at the side. DOUBLE YELLOW LINES. WTH? Never mind. Then he didn't have change for a $50 note, we don't have enough small change. In the end, he took the $50 and went into Bugis to change for smaller notes, HE LEFT US IN THE CAB AT THE DOUBLE YELLOW LINES RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE TRAFFIC LIGHT.

He was gone for almost 10 minutes sia. I thought he sold us his cab for $50. I thought he lost his way in Bugis. I thought Singapore started filming their own prank show. Haha. The cars behind kept honking, etc. Can't they see there's no driver? =/

Anyway, caught X-Men Origin Wolverine today. Not bad! I like it. Haha. Oh I also caught Knowing a few days back. I also liked it. But the ending very sad la. I hate scenes where families or couples or loved ones get broken up. :(

Re-PP, FYP, Blogshops, etc! GOD SAVE ME!~

Loads of things to carry. :(

My new favourite sushi! Found at Sakae. Strawberry & Mango & a little Whip Cream!

WTH! 1 Chawanmushi costs $4 at Shin Tokyo! %%@&(*(#

Heehee our dinner.

While in the stupid cab waiting..

With Cheryl. I look so unkempt.


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