Monday, 27 April 2009

08th April 09.

A totally tiring day for me! Had to get up at 8am (wtf 8am on a holiday!) cuz I had to reach Jurong Police Headquarters at 11am. Was soooo sleepy so I called the I/O and told him to shift to 1pm instead. Nice malay guy la he. Haha. I was supposed to be there to record statement regarding a scamming case online by k.sayuri. Will talk about it below! So pissed.

I had been to Jurong Headquarters for quite a few times already, but this is my first time going there by train and bus instead of cabbing. I was alone too! For my whole day outside cuz Dear has school. Train till BoonLay, bus 181 and walk. So clever! *pats shoulder*

Actually I asked the MRT staff la haha.

On the train, there was a group of little kids of around 3-4 years old I guess. All in a tots house uniform and some teachers with them. So many ethnics! There's even an blonde little girl with long straight hair and dolly bangs. Super cute la all of them! I love kids of that age! When they alighted at CCK holding hands, I heard a little girl exclaim to her teacher, "Before I go with my mummy, my feet stuck there leh! Stuck there leh!", and pointed to the gap between the platform and the train. Soooo cute! Then the teacher showed a very shocked expression. LOL. The girl was like so proud and smiling so big, exclaiming loudly lor! Hahaha.

Then on the bus, there was a small boy around 4 years old too, with his mother. When they board the bus, the boy kept saying Hello to the bus driver non-stop! Soooo cuteee~

Alright, then I arrived the headquarters at about 1.30pm. Late. >.< Took only about 15 minutes to get things done cuz I had actually already submitted the brief report online. Only had to verify and add in some info. K.Sayuri you watch out! Considered my first time being scammed, feel so dumb lor. Kns. But luckily I didn't lose much.

Bus and train back to BoonLay, then went to Commonwealth, bought M&M and Pink Dolphin (super hungry cuz haven't eaten cuz there's not enough time), then cabbed to Alexandra Road to the LG Service Centre to repair my stupid Viewty's touchscreen. Very unaccessible. Got it fixed in about 45 minutes. Ohya, my old problem of speaking-anyhow-ly rose to the occassion and I couldn't talk properly to the staff! Wahlaooo so malu. Haha. I kept stammering and repeating and went around the bush, but luckily the guy manage to pick out what I was trying to say. Super paiseh laaa.

Cabbed to Tiong Bahru, and train till CCK to meet Dear as he ended school already. Dear watch me have my brunch of Yong Tau Foo (the YTF is reallyyyy good at Lot One's foodcourt - not the halal foodcourt, but quite ex). Bought a new screen protector for my Viewty cuz the person who fixed my phone peeled off my old one and replaced it with the original super flimsy one. Bought a plastic casing as well cuz I have intentions to bling my phone wahaha. But! The plastic casing has a problem, so bringing it back to exchange for another one or to get a rubber one.

Slacked at Dear's place till night.

07th April 2009.

Outing with Joelle, Cynthia & Dickson @ Cathay! It's a birthday-in-advance outing for Jo & Cynthia. First time meeting Dickson. Lol. I met customer to pass her stuff at Queenstown at about 12pm, train till Orchard and walk to Far East - arrived at 12.30pm! We were supposed to meet at 1pm. So I sat and slacked till Jo came at about 1.10pm. Train to Dhoby, walked to Cathay and met the 2 of them.

We went for lunch buffet at Nihon Mura, which Dear joined in about 15 minutes later after his school. Actually he skipped the 2nd lesson. LOL.

Jo ahhhh! Throw our face!!!! My gosh. Haha. But that's what made (the staffs blacklist us and) our day so funny and memorable. Plus Dickson's expression when he ate too much wasabi - damn funny! Plus the Jap-style nasi lemak! Hehehe. Dear was joking that today is the day when all the waiters would throw their aprons and quit the job cuz of an intolerable customer (hinthint name is J_elle), then the manager would put up a huge poster of her face in a red circle with a diagonal strike. HHAHA.

Cynthia & Dickson treated Jo, Jo treated me, I treated Dear! Slacked awhile then they had to go catch their movie Paul Blart Mall Cop(when Dear and I watched it back then, he told the cashier the wrong title again..this time he said....PAUL MALL! So funny!). Dear and I then walked to town cuz had to meet customer at 7pm there.

15th April 2009.

Movie Marathon with Dear at home.
- Harold & Kumar Goes To White Castle
- Mean Girls
- Idiocracy
- Step Up

& Mac take-away. This is blissful enough for me. :)


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