Monday, 2 March 2009

Pics, HOPEFULLY NEXT POST. Sorry, but just so lazy to upload & upload. =D

It's already 1.30am, & I still can't stop eating!

I got up at 4pm+. Cuz I went to bed at 6am+. Was so addicted to reading the gossips, all the funny stuffs at a local gossip website. Eheh. That doesn't make me auntie though, okay. Just turned to it for entertainment without knowing the hook factor.

I stayed at home today while Dear went to SK as usual. I couldn't go along cuz of my stupid foot, which admittedly, is getting a little. Still hurts la, but not that uncomfy. Have finished 1 set of pills, left with 2 more sets. Sigh. They always leave a bitter aftertaste which I can't get rid of for hours. What the shoot.

Well, so after I got up, I was in time for dinner after slacking for awhile. Had a large bowl of rice & soup. Has been so long since Dad cooked. I miss his cooking so much laaaa. Even his normal fried bee hoon can make me drool like whatnot. Lol.

Slacked somemore, finished a book, more gossips, mailing.

Dear came back at 10pm+, met him at Yewtee & we went for fruits at the foodcourt. He kept spurting pimeapple juice at me. In return, I dropped the whole piece of sour mango. Urgh.
He bought me 3 soya cakes (I don't know what's it called but I just love it la haha) from Mr Bean. 2 cheese & 1 choco, my favourite-st flavours! Aww.

That's when I reached home & the endless eating started. Gosh. I had around 7 or 8 Mac nuggets with 2 packets of the curry (thanks to Nic), 2 chicken wings which I got from the foodcourt, 1 cup of milk & that 3 cakes from Dear. Oh, not forgetting my 3 pills of medicine. I took it with the milk. Haha. I seem to take medicine with whatever I'm drinking at the moment. I don't really care about the combination but I think it would cause me some trouble in the future.

I ate alot right! I feel like a fat baboon now. Should go for some exercise soon! The fats ALWAYS end up places where it shouldn't be. Sian. At least my face didn't expand. Don't know why I MUST have a packet of maggie & a cup of milk with half a pack of choco chip cookies EVERY MIDNIGHT, for the past few days. Ohnooooo.

I keep dreaming of DBSK recently. Lol.

Dear's & my birthday is arriving! This coming 10th March, I'm gonna be 19! & he's gonna be 23!

Sometimes I wonder at what age do guys REALLY mature. Hmm. Can anyone tell me?

Still have no idea on how to celebrate it. He has lessons till 6pm! WTS. Maybe I can meet up with some friends beore that. Maybe he's gonna skip school. Maybe, maybe, maybe. So many maybes but no decision made. Birthdays are getting so boring.

However, I have an outing to look forward to!
05th March @ Town. For all ex-E25H Character Design people! Please inform me if you can make it. Dinner + movie. It's our first outing, must give face alright! =D So far confirmed are only Ryan, HuiZhi & I.

Pepper's soooo cute. She's carrying her red squeezy toy walking everywhere. Like looking for somewhere to hide her favourite toy. In the end she put it on my bag. & now she can't stop sneezing. Haha! My darling.

Don't know if you people have ever been to this website.
Do you love gore? Like, hardcore gore? Umm, I don't really do. That's why I regret going to this website. It's too hardcore for me. I was totally turned off & felt nauseous after justt viewing 1 pic. Although I did return after my first visit, which is quite long ago, I still don't have that courage to click on one more pic. So...please don't enter this website if you're under 18 or can't stand hardcore gorey stuff. *wobbly smiles*

*That includes you Bulanden!*

Let's end with hilarity instead of gore alright?

Borat in Late Show.

Sacha Baron Cohen - actor of Borat. His real voice sounds nothing like Borat!

Tom Cruise dances in Tropic Thunder. I still can't believe it's him, & I burst out laughing everytime I hear that stupid song Low.

Blondes aren't dumb, they're retarded.


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