Friday, 27 February 2009

Neoprints on 3rd year & 3rd year 1 month!

Nice nice??
I love them! Haha! Haven't taken neoprints with Dear (or anyone else) for quite sometime already lor! =D

These few days Dear has been picking me up when I walk over to his place... & piggybacking me home. For those who don't know, we stay 1 street away, so we always walk to & fro, don't have to spend any travel fees! Haha. :)

Love him la! Hehe. Dear has already planned that after NS, we would go for a holiday to most probably Taiwan for maybe 2 weeks, cuz his stepdaddy has a place there. Haha. But I really can't bear for him to go for NS!!! Sigh. The other day I was extra-emo, & he started talking about the NS stuff while we were eating at KFC. Then I couldn't tolerate, my lower lip started trembling & my tears flowed down while I was struggling to continue eating. Sigh.

Ohya, why did he have to piggyback me home? Cuz my foot was injured. :( :( :( Should be the allergy reaction to the delicious giant crabs I had with his family at Crab Party last Sunday. SIAN. Now my foot super gross la. & I'm walking with a limp. Super painful okay! I'm allergic to seafood. What a curse. So so so paiseh when people walked by & saw me on his back.

Dear accompanied me to the doc after his school today. The medical fee came up to $48! 3 sets of pills & 1 small tube of cream only sia. For itch, pain, antibiotic. I think the doc not happy that he had to touch my gross-for-now foot just after his break, so he's charging me more. LOL. KIDDING. That doc is very nice. Haha. Not my first time there.

We actually reached the place at about 5pm. Then we went for Mac's & shared nuggets, coke & fries. So romantic ah. Lol. Then we sat outside the clinic & waited for it to open. I was soooo worried that the doc would just have his meal then he would have to see my foot then he would feel like puking. I was also sooo scared that he would use alcohol to apply on my wound.. I would scream, man. >.<>

After the clinic, we went to get sandals for me, so it's more comfortable for me to wear & walk in. But it's soooo ugly. At least it's only temporary, wear when going to Dear's place. Haha. Then can pass it on to Bulanden. Eheh. It's size 5 but it's so damn big.

GOSH. I've finally gotten a new phone! Although it's not a new model or whatever, I like it. Have been aiming it for so long, only to get it a few days ago. Wahahaha.
LG Viewty PINK!
Actually I preferred the white one. But it's OOS like, everywhere. Only left the pink, when it's supposedly limited edition. So no choice gotta get the pink one. It's also nice though, but it's the same as Cheryl's, so I feel kinda bad about it. Haha. Cuz if it were me, I wouldn't be really happy about it... Cuz I hate people copying ANYTHING from me. =X

Alright I gotta go sleep now. It's 4am already, tmr I gotta go to so many places despite my poor foot. Oh, I'm gonna wear my new Gipsy dress, which I received today! Eheh, a very different style for me. Hopefully it looks nice on me. Haha. Pics of Jo & I will be uploaded in the next post, I PROMISE

Love you so, Darl.


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