Saturday, 21 February 2009

Here goes the pics-filled post!

Sometimes it's normal to want to take pics with uber messy hair. :)

All these pics were taken at my bathroom at night cuz the light's brighter there. Haha. So please forgive the ugly background.

& it's normal for girls to act cute at times.. Not always, that's bimbos.

& here's showing off of my set of teeth. Wahaha. See my huge rabbit teeth. Didn't know I have that right!

Here's my darling & I.

Can "see" the wind blowing eh.

Hopefully he doesn't know I put this pic up.. HAHA!

Dear's Mum' new pet - OngLai the parrot. Haha! So cute la, it knows how to dance. & it prefers girls.

Pepper guilty on consuming papaya! Evidence is right there.

The darling everyone loves. =D

V-day pics! All food, none pictures us. :)

Had actually set the alarm at 9am, but got up at 11am instead. Quickly got ready and went to Dear's place. Then we went to have Mac for brunch (how romantic eh.), then to NTUC to get ingredients for our dinner.
Went back to his place, his stepmum has already brought his stepsis out, so as not to get in the way. Haha. Slacked etc. Finished 1 tub of Macademia ice cream. The other tub, Tin-Roof Brownie, was finished on another day at one go too. Heh.

Started preparing dinner!
Actually we planned that Dear's the one to cook the pasta, but ended up I'm the one cooking, and he's the one preparing the fruit salad. Lol.

Some of the ingredients needed!

Boil the spaghetti..

For easier preparation:

Cut the meat..

Ingredients for pasta prepared.

Dear cutting the apples..

Spaghetti done!

The aluminium hearts plates made by Dear on the previous night.. Haha so cute la!

Stir-fry first..

The sauce I created!

The end product!

Oh, forgot the cheese.

Added spices! End product. So sweet. Eheh.

Some pics taken with Jo to be uploaded soon. Met up with her for awhile yesterday. =D

- 13 Taiwan Sprees open!
- Spree for female tank tops open!
- Able to view Gothlolipunk pics now!


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