Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Writing in really short forms just to give a brief update... Updates on V-day & pics may be uploaded tmr. Did some serious camwhoring today, so you can expect a serious flood of pics in the next post. =X

CNY Eve:
  • Went to my Uncle's place as usual for reunion dinner, & as usual Dad didn't come along. Sigh.
  • Dear came over after his reunion dinner with his family & relatives at some posh restaurant.
CNY 1st Day:
  • Met Dear in the morning-afternoon after he left his Grandma's place at Pavilion Circle.
  • Went to his another Grandma's place at Ubi.
  • Went to his another Grandma's place at Serangoon Gardens (he has 4 Grandmas!).
  • Went to Uncle's place at night again. All the way with Dear. =D
CNY 2nd Day:
  • Met Dear at his Grandma's place at Pavilion Circle.
  • Went to his Auntie Alice's place for CNY as well as her birthday party, with his mummy & Brian.
  • Left after awhile & we went to TANAH MERAH BEACH! Woots! Love it! Although the number of hermit crabs & crabs there was terrifying. *Heehee his mummy refered to me as her 'daughter-in-law' when she talked to her friend on the phone. Haha! Oh, her 2 friends also came along too.
  • After that at night, we all went to Changi Village for dinner, then his mummy sent us home after picking up Joyce & Kegan.

Have started my 2-and-a-half months hols! Have not searched for a part time job yet. Only left with like about 1half month-2months. Ahhhh. Too busy meeting Dear & with FashionKisser.

Have watched 'InkHeart'! Love the visual effects!

Have watched 'Love Matters'! Really hilarious & also touching. Uh, I mean sad. I think almost all females can relate to Henry Thia's wife in the movie. A few tears of mine rolled down la dey.

Have watched 'Alls Well Ends Well'! Love it! Super funny. Oh, & Louis Koo have aged a little, more wrinkles. Lol. When at the counter buying the tickets, Dear stumbled over the title. Sooo funny. He gave up then asked me the title. I said, "All...." then I forgot the next word should be 'end' or 'well'. >.<>

Oh, Myzaak was giving me problems sia. People who uses Myzaak kept on spamming my enquiry box (at FashionKisser). Was sooo fed up on having to keep on going to cbox to delete, I emailed the In-Charge of Myzaak. Solved the problem! Heeee.

Was approached by another Create Talents person again, at Town, again. Why do the Create Talents people keep approaching! Quite annoying leh. & some of them are from China, but no matter how much they struggled in English, they still continue to try to talk to me in English. -.-"
I'M NOT INTERESTED IN MODELLING SO STOP ASKINGGGG. Dear doesn't like it anyway. At the most I'm only taking pics for 'my' shop at Bugis.

2 of my 9 blond extensions have dropped. 1 was just the next day after I had it on. Then I went back on that day itself to get it stuck back. Then the next day again, 2 more dropped. Wahlao. Faints. I'm never gonna go do extensions there anymore. I think I go highlight la. -.-"

Gonna dye hair in March!!! Which is also the month of Dear & my birthdays. Hehe. But have no idea on how to celebrate. I'm 19 this year! SAD. Seems so old.

You probably have noticed that I'm using Phlook instead of Photobucket for my newest pics. I'm so sick of Photobucket already. Phlook is so much better la. In case you still don't know, when you hover your cursor over my pics, there will be icons popping up. You can even add notes that points to a certain point on the pic to place your note there! I would appreciate some nice comments la... Please be nice as how I'm nice to you in my blog. Haha. Maybe, maybe except for Cheryl...& Yvonne...& Deb in the near future...

On 09th Feb, I was with Dear at Bugis. I finally got to meet one of my newest net friend - Cube the Lao Lian (old ah lian wahahaha), her bf & her friend. She's super nice & she's gonna treat me to classic manicure which costs $60! I feel so bad la, so I'm gonna pay half of it. Haha.

New news, I'm getting a new maid! YAY. VERY SOON. 3-4 more days and thanks Lord.


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