Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Hello people! I'm finally updating!

Photobucket keeps on giving me problems. & I've reached the limit for pictures in Blogger. Ahhhh~ How?! I don't wanna create one more new blog. Sian.

Deleted some pics... So now I can upload a few now. I have so many more la. Sigh. I'll upload those super overdue ones first.

I still have more stuffs to update on... Pics on the Tanah Merah Beach have not been uploaded yet cuz I'm super out of space. :(

Oh, I had nightmares for 2 nights consecutively! Dear says it's cuz I've been playing Left4Dead before bedtime. :(

The first nightmare.

I think I was with my family, walking around somewhere which I don't remember seeing in real life. & everyone, every stranger I saw, were all committing suicide, in different ways. I looked over the ledge & saw someone falling from the building. Everywhere was dark & gloomy, it was dusk.

We walked past a corridor that's similar to our normal HDB corridor, only that the units were replaced by prison cells with those iron grills. In each cell, there was someone committing suicide. I don't remember all, but I remember the last cell we walked past, there was an ancient Japanese woman (those super black thick hair bunned up & super white skin like geisha). She was dressed in an ancient red formal kimono, & looked like an authority figure. Her eyes were huge,staring blankly out of the cell. She was holding a porcelain bowl, & eating it! Her mouth was bleeding like I-don't-know-what. Like she don't feel any pain or realise anything was wrong -- like being hypnotised. & just continued eating & chewing the bowl. (>,<)

The second nightmare.
I was being referred to another school & classes, something to do with monitoring kids la. In my dream, everywhere was super bright, like taking a pic with flash on & the flash stays there & spreads everywhere. I walked into my new class & saw a few familiar faces from my sec school. We started our lesson, & suddenly there was a girl screaming her head off outside the classrooms. All of us rushed out to check on her. She was covered in blood.

It turned out that there was a ghost/shadow/monster. Actually, there were many. They would choose their victims, transform into them, then kill them as they want to replace their victims. They killed their victims horribly. Another girl was being attacked, & when she ran over to us, the creature attacked her & her blood was being spilled on us. Urgh. Luckily I did not dream that I was one of the victims.

Me, at the end of the going-to-the-beach day. I'm becoming more & more girly! God help me!

Dear & I.

Bugis with Jo.

Oh ya!
We pranked 3 people! So funny!
Cynthia called Jo. I took the phone from her & said: "Hello? Who are you? Why you keep calling and irritating my daughter huh?! Why? (Then the same thing in Chinese)"

Cynthia replied, sounding so scared: "Huh? Auntie, no! I didn't! Auntie I didn't!"


Next was Dickson. Used Jo's phone & called.

Dickson: "Hello?"

Me: "Hello? This is Sergeant Chong calling from Hougang Police Station. Your friend Joelle is arrested for shoplifting at Hougang Mall. Can you come over to bail her?"

Dickson: "Huh? But I no money leh..."

Me: "Don't need money, just come here and sign some papers then can go already."

Dickson: "(Very noisy background...he replied in Chinese)Huh? I very busy now, I call you later."

Then he hung up. =.=" Spoiler!!!

Next, Kaya! I called her but she did not pick up. She called back awhile later.

Me: "Hello Kaya, you know ah, Joelle is being arrested for shoplifting at Hougang Mall, now she's at Hougang Police Station, you can come bail her?"

Kaya: "OMG. Okay, firstly, you don't interfere okay. Later you get into trouble also. (Don't remember what else she said but mostly is negative)"

But in the end, we realised that she thought I said 'Jolene', not 'Joelle'. That's why she said so much negative stuff! Super funny, & she sounded super serious! Hahaha! All the while throughout, Jo was beside, laughing soundlessly non stop! Kaya is gonna kill me when she sees me the next time. =D


Me! Oh, & I've gotten 9 blond extensions at Milly's. :) Planned to dye hair at FY's cousin's salon in maybe late Feb or March. He wants to get long extensions. LOL.

Joelle & I!

Our last lesson for Character Design was a rather heavy one. It was certainly sad too. Sigh. I can't believe these 16 lessons have passed so fast, & I did not attend 2 lessons. Guess what? This module, I have the best attendance & better grades than my other 3 core modules. Cuz this is the kind of class I like & treasure. These are the people who takes a large portion of my heart. :)

I love you all! I know it's corny but it's true! :)
Thanks Lydia for all the fun & that 2 Ben&Jerry's!

My darlings of E25H Character Design. Some of them aren't here.

My team's last presentation. It's a true story, & here, I admit it's my story! But altered la.

Showing off Fishy's drawing she gave us all! I'll miss you all sooooo much man. Sobs.

Photos during XMas '08 at Dear's place, with his sec sch buddies!

I remember it was a super busy day la. In the early morning, I went over to Dear's place to help to clean up the house. Vaccuumed, mopped, washed the toilet, did laundry, etc!

After that, we rested for awhile & went to meet Shaun, Thiness, Joanna & Marcus & his gf at Lot One's NTUC to get the ingredients for our dinner/supper (which started at 2-3am after everyone's shagged -.-"). It was super crowded inside la. Bought stuff worth $200+ I think, then we cabbed back to Dear's place, unpacked everything first. Then they went off to elsewhere to get their stuffs done, leaving me & Dear to slack & have lunch at home first.

In the evening, one by one of them came over. They also rented some movies, but only watch P2 & The Dark Knight. Haha. Waited for Joizce & Shaun to come back, then we started cooking at...11pm or 12am. Finished cooking & eating at 3am plus. Everyone took turns to bathe, then we played the board games which Joanna brought. I forgot the names of the board games, but one of it was a drinking game. We had quite a few different drinks. Haha. Luckily nobody got drunk, only got high. Lol.

We went to sleep at like 5am+. They had to sleep either on the couch or the floor. =X Cleaned the house the next day like siao again. Haha. But we had fun! =D Thanks all for the memorable time.


Add the pepper!

Take a break for a little group photo!

Joanna grating cheese then do the dishes...

Thiness washing.

Shaun's in charge of the fishes.

Dory fish with cheese, waiting to be fried!

Me busy torturing the garlics & onions. & strangely I have never teared when preparing garlics & onions...

& see what's my darling doing after trying to find stuff to help out.
Drinking & slacking in the storeroom. =.="

The food all ready~

Plates ready~

With cute utensils bought & decorated by Joizce & Joanna!

Let's get started!

XMas Dinner '08 with Dear's family. The food was great! But the location is super ulu la.

Joanie looking pretty & Kegan looking cute.

Joanie & Jon's daddy's birthday. Had lunch at Forum. Forgot the restaurant's name.

Ugly me, Dear & KEGAN!

At Joyce's place on Brian's birthday.

Have received my wig! But have yet to wear it out. Needs trimming, too thick for me. Haha.

Before editing:

After ^^ :

Oooh, before I go off, GEO Spree 4 & Dueba Spree 3 is opened! Submitting orders for Wigs Spree on 6th Feb!


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