Saturday, 17 January 2009

170109.. 3rd yr anniversary.

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary Dear!

Specially only for Jon Laogong.

This is the story.

One day, while surfing, Boyboy saw GalGal's profile. He didn't know her, but he found a picture of a dog in her profile very cute. So, he sent a message through the website, to Galgal. He wrote that the dog was very cute, so is she. But only he knows if he meant the "so is she" part.

Boyboy and Galgal started chatting through the website, sending messages to each other everyday. It went on like this for about a month. They had already exchanged email addresses. Boyboy gave her his phone number.

The first time Boyboy and Galgal met was after her school one day. Galgal actually had no intentions of meeting up with him since they knew each other. She only treated him as a net friend whom could get along quite well with her. She knew that meeting up with net friends would always have some things happen. It always did not have a happy ending. She didn't want to anymore.

It was 17th Jan, 2006.

Galgal had already reached under her block, when her phone suddenly rang again. They had been messaging one another the whole journey when she was traveling home. It was around 5.30pm. But this message from him was different.

"Do you want to meet me at Lot One now? I'm there alone. So poor thing."

Galgal of course rejected. She was so tired after a full busy day in school. Boyboy did not give up, he continued to ask her to meet him there. Why? He felt that it was his good-hair-day.

Galgal finally gave in. She quickly went to take a quick shower, and slipped on a simple white teeshirt and a jeans skirt, took her bag and went out. Boyboy messaged her again, he said to meet at Choa Chu Kang MRT Station.

Galgal reached after 10 minutes. When she came out of the train station, it was so crowded as it was the time when students end classes, parents end work. She glanced around, and did not see him. Galgal was also not very good at recognising people after seeing their photos. She messaged him to meet her in Lot One, outside Popular Bookstore. It was where she always hung out with her best friends.

Of course, Galgal reached there first. After a while, Galgal's heart started beating quickly. Yes, she was nervous. When she turned to her left, she saw a tall guy walking towards her direction, wearing a large teeshirt with a large purple-checkered jacket outside, a pair of very baggy dark brown pants, and large brown sneakers. Brown hair, good-looking, a huge smile.

Galgal turned away. Her heart started beating even faster. She felt even much more nervous. She felt that she was too plain-looking to be caught walking around with him, if he really is Boyboy.

When Boyboy saw her turning away, he felt a little disheartened. But nonetheless, he greeted Galgal warmly with a big smile. They started walking around. Then Boyboy asked her if she wanted to catch a movie. Galgal wanted to reject, as she only brought just enough for a movie ticket, and she would be broke if she spends it. Boyboy treated her to the movie instead.

They decided to watch The Heirloom. It was starting in a few minutes time. They quickly went to buy the tickets. Boyboy did not have cash, and the cashier did not accept NETS. So, the both of them had to rush from the top level, down to the lowest level where the ATM machines were. There was quite a long queue, but they queued anyway. Galgal had been very quiet all along. Boyboy was the one who did the talking, although some stuff he said was quite lame. Galgal only went, "Hmm. Ya. Uh huh. Then?" She was still feeling awkward.

Finally it was Boyboy's turn at the machine. They quickly rushed up to the top level again and bought the tickets. He asked Galgal if she wanted to get any snacks to eat during the movie. She wanted Mentos Strong Mint. Boyboy bought 2 of it at the cinema's snack counter.

They sat among one of the center middle rows, on the right. He told her, "If you're cold, tell me. I'll lend you my jacket." Galgal nodded. They started eating Mentos.

"Hey, I'm feeling cold now..."

Boyboy immediately took off his purple-checkered jacket, and covered Galgal's front with it. Her hands were underneath the jacket, so she couldn't take the Mentos. Boyboy very automatically started feeding her with the Mentos. One into his mouth, one into her's... He didn't know that Galgal actually eats very slow, so his speed of feeding her Mentos was considered too fast.

She whispered, "Too fast! I haven't finished the one you gave me just now."

He replied, "Err, okay..." Then slowered the speed.

The movie ended. It wasn't as scary as they expected. Galgal did not know that Boyboy actually didn't really like horror movies, but he still watched it with her.

After the movie, it was about 10pm. They walked around for a while. The shops were already closing. Galgal then brought her to Comics Connection. Guess what? She brought him there to ask for opinions about another guy working there. Boyboy was stunned, did not know what to say.

They then went out of the mall, stood outside, nearby the taxi stand, thinking of what to do next. Galgal was still feeling cold. She always felt cold even after she have left the movie theatre. Boyboy opened his jacket (which Galgal hadr returned back to him) and said she could put her arms around him inside. Galgal of course felt shy and did not hug him.

Both of them then went to the bus interchange. They went to take the bus 302, which is the bus Galgal takes to arrive home. They sat together behind the conjuncted rubber area. They started chatting. Galgal had already started to talk more. She asked more about him, about his school, his family, etc. When the bus stopped nearby her home, they did not alight. They continued sitting and chatting, till the bus had gone one big round, then they alighted at the stop that's nearby Galgal's home.

They alighted, then walked to Yewtee Station. Galgal's younger brother had called her. She talked for a while, then passed her phone to Boyboy, wanting to tease her brother. Hilariously, her brother kept hanging up when Boyboy talked to him, because he thought that he had called the wrong person continuously.

They walked back, to Galgal's block. They sat at the void deck, and chatted. It turned out that they shared the same birthday, 10th of March. It was surprising. Galgal had not known of anyone who shared the same birthday as her. It was like, Fate.

Boyboy initiated on wanting to play a Chinese hand game, 'Hei1 Bai2 Pei4'. Galgal just played along, although she wasn't very good at it. Boyboy said he was good at it. But weirdly when playing with her, he was the one who kept losing. Galgal laughed.

Galgal's mum called her and asked her to go home, as it was 11pm+. Galgal kept pushing back the timing, not wanting to go home. She didn't want to leave Boyboy. But when they had to part, Boyboy initiated taking a photo together. the picture did not turn out very nice, because the light was dim and it was night. But they treasured that one photo.

Boyboy sent her up to her level, then said their parting words. Just like friends, nothing special.

When Galgal's parents had went to sleep a little while later, she called Boyboy. Before that, they were already messaging one another once again.

"Where are you?"

"I'm at Choa Chu Kang Station, almost scanned out."

"Do you want to come back to meet me?"

"Sure. I was hesitating on whether to scan out or not. I was afraid that you would call me after I had scanned out."

"Okay... Let me know when you have reached."

Boyboy then went back to meet Galgal. She invited him in. She had already bathed and changed. They went into the room which Galgal shared with her maid. Her maid stirred in her sleep. Boyboy automatically sat on Galgal's bed, and motioned her to lie on his laps and sleep. Galgal switched off the lights. She also automatically, went to him, and laid on his laps. It had seemed so natural for them, like they have done this before, like they have followed the unwritten script between the both of them. She tried to sleep, but she just couldn't. When she finally was drifting off to sleep, which seemed like hours later, Boyboy suddenly, kissed her.

Galgal was so surprised. She totally did not expect it. It lasted for a few minutes. Then, she snuggled closer to him. He hugged her. Galgal was more awake than ever. Her heart was beating crazily again. In the end, the both of them did not have much sleep at all. Boyboy ended up with his body so tired from having to sit up straight for the whole night. The both of them had school the next day.

Boyboy sent her to the train station. Boyboy carried her bag for her. They held hands. They felt sweet. Her friends got a shock when they saw them together. Galgal just smiled at them. Boyboy and Galgal had to part at the next station, where Boyboy had to rush home to get ready for school, while Galgal had to take a bus to school.

17th Jan 2006 - 17th Jan 2009.
We have spent 3 years together.
MiaShin has been formed for 3 years.
All the sweet stuffs we've said to each other for 3 years.
All the truth we've told each other for 3 years.
All the promised we made since the first day.
We don't have to repeat them, cuz we know and remember them in our hearts.
Happy 3rd Year Anniversary Dear.
I Love You.

Germain Laopo.


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