Wednesday, 31 December 2008


I've caught Twilight today @ Lot One! The posters are so cool.

Dear & I thought that Twilight was more of a thriller than a romance movie. So we expected the show to be thrilling. It only borderline-passed that category for us, but it got at least a B for romance in my opinion. =D Twilight reminds me of a book I read a few weeks back. I forgot the title, but it's also about a human girl in a relationship with a vampire guy, & wanting to be like him, & also having an 'opponent'. To think of it, I also enjoyed that book very much. I think it's damn sad la, that the couple each belongs to a different world & can't be together for the rest of their lives without sacrificing & hurting their other loved one. :(

I don't usually watch romance movies. I think the most romantic movie is still Titanic, which I watched in Primary 2 with my elder bro & mum. Haha. Can't forget how much in love I was with Leonardo back then! Primary 2! LOLOLOLOL! So much in love with him that I bought a photo frame which had his pic in it. Primary 2! =.="

Anyway, I think that Isabella Swan (Kristen Stewart) (I chuckled when someone in the movie called her Ms Swan) is quite pretty, but not as pretty as Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene). Dear thinks that Isabelle isn't pretty. -.-" She's the same age as me!

I think Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) is quite hot in the movie. He's the same age as Dear!
Closeup of Robert Pattinson
I almost fainted when I saw his other pic:
That's not hot.

I think Charlie Swan (Billy Burke) looks much older in the movie.
Think it's cuz of the beard.

Here's the pretty Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene).
Outside movie:

Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone) looks so urgh in Twilight. He's born in Singapore! Has lived in many other countries.
His other pic:
jasper hale

I think Dr. Calisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli) looks...weird. Creepy in the show even.
His other pic (like criminal photo =X):

I think James (Cam Gigandet) looks like ultra-super vampire villain. He just looks more villain in the movie than in pics la.
His other pic (looks normal...):

I think Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner - Right) looks so Jungle-Boyish. But not bad. Haha. I think his smile is real nice. He's only 17 years old in 2009! He won't be acting in the next sequel - New Moon.
His other pic:

Angela Weber (Christian Serratos) looks so different! She's the same age as me too! She's so pretty in real life. I can't find a pic of her in the movie. The nerd looking girl as Isabella's friend is her. O.O
In real life:

I think Billy Black (Gil Birmingham - Left) looks like Andy Lau at some angles. LOL. But he's more macho & looks more angmoh.
In real life:
Andy Lau.

I think Eric Yorkie (Justin Chon) looks like Wang RenFu of 5566!!!! He's 28 years old in 2009! Looks kinda hot in Twilight. Definitely don't look 28, that's why he can act as a high school student. Wow.
In real life:
Zax Wang RenFu of 5566:

For those who likes romance, do catch Twilight.
For those who likes romance, do catch Twilight..
For those who likes romance, do catch Twilight...

I'm too sleepy to know what I'm doing...
Sweet dreams...


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