Tuesday, 30 December 2008

301208.. pics.

Went towning with Dear today. Watched Bedtime Stories!
Bedtime Stories
I think it's nice & funny, but not funny till I'll choke on my saliva or something. But still, it's counted as a must-watch. =D So go catch it! I still wanna catch Twilight & Yes Man. But saving money for alot of stuff. Sigh.


It's been awhile I've not dressed like that...

Elephant & Hammie!


Peach tea & Lemon tea.

Waiting for main course.


My colourful med for high fever, etc. The cough syrup is different & gross.

Pepper. She wanted to follow me out. In the end she sat there, then lie down & wanted to sleep there! Scared the neighbour's cat who was nearby.

My new white leopard spotted gladiator wedges! I think normal flat glads are ugly, but glads wegdes are gorgeous. =D

3 pretty eggs for Dear.

Huge mushroomsss.

Let's eat!



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